Arceus: (Request 7) Playing With Drifloon Guide

Analysing The Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer

The official Pokemon YouTube channel has released a 13-minute video with oodles of gameplay and new features showcased for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. I have watched the Pokemon Legends Arceus...
Frenetic Firefighting Multiplayer ‘Embr’

Frenetic Firefighting Multiplayer ‘Embr’ Launches on GamePass January 6th

Frenetic Firefighting Multiplayer ‘Embr’ from Curve Digital launched on January 6th for Xbox Game Pass and you can check out the brand new trailer below; Frenetic Firefighting Multiplayer ‘Embr’ -...
Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast is Coming to PC and Switch in 2022

Bear and Breakfast is an adorable management game with bears, woods, and secrets to unlock. Launching sometime in 2022, it's one to watch.
Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky Gets Split Release Date for Consoles

Beyond a Steel Sky is the much-anticipated spiritual successor to Beneath a Steel Sky. Developed by Revolution Software and published by Microids, the game is set for a split...
New Indie Raging Noodles

New Indie Raging Noodles Bringing Fat and Furious Fighter With Laughter in 2023

Here at Last Word on Gaming we love all things gaming and we pride ourselves on supporting new ideas, innovation and new projects. In Quebec, Canada there is a...
Falconeer Double Edition Vinyl

The Falconeer Double Edition Vinyl Pre Orders Live Now

Following on from the success of the game there is now the chance to pre order The Falconeer Double Edition Vinyl which is coming from Wired Productions and Limited...
Clunky Hero

Get Ready for a Clunky Journey With Clunky Hero

In the second game developed by Chaosmonger Studio, Clunky Hero will be coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation in Q1 of 2022 and Windows, Linux and Mac on...
Suicide of Rachel Foster

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Gets Nintendo Switch Release

Already a well received release on PC and consoles, The Suicide of Rachel Foster has now received a release date for Nintendo Switch of 31st October, just in time...
FPS Kindgom of the Dead

FPS Kingdom of the Dead Comes to PC January 2022

FPS Kingdom of the Dead is coming to PC in January 2022 from indie developer DIRIGO Games and Hook who are a new publishing arm of Digital Bros Group....
Award Winning Ori

Award Winning Ori Now Available As Physical Collection

The award winning Ori titles are available on October 12th as one collection on Nintendo Switch retailing at $49.99 in the US and £39.99 in the UK at most...