Bear and Breakfast is Coming to PC and Switch in 2022

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If you love a cute indie game with satisfying gameplay and a good story to uncover, hold onto your hats: Bear and Breakfast is coming to PC and Switch, and it may be just the game you’re looking for.

Launching sometime in 2022, Bear and Breakfast is one to look out for this year.

Bear and Breakfast: A Chilled-Out Management Game

Relax and Manage

Bear and Breakfast is, on the surface, a chilled-out management game. You’ll play as a bear named Hank (of course), running a B+B, designing guest rooms, and customizing to your hearts’ content. You’ll cater to your guests every whim, improving your reputation and earning tips along the way.

You can unlock new perks for your inn as you progress, attracting new guests and generally expanding your business empire.

Don’t Disturb the Wildlife!

Where this game stands out from other management games (aside from the adorable graphics) is the storyline. As you expand your business, you’ll move deeper into the forest, unlocking new lore and uncovering secrets. There’s something menacing about what lurks in the heart of the forest. But what could it be?

Developed by Gummy Cat and published by Armor Games Studios, Bear and Breakfast released a playable demo for Steam Next Fest back in October 2021 and piqued the interest of gamers searching for a super-relaxed management game. Where the story will progress remains to be seen, but I’m really excited to find out.

Is There a Release Date Yet?

There isn’t a firm release date yet, but according to the Bear and Breakfast Twitter account, we can expect to see it sometime in the first half of 2022. You can follow their Twitter account for updates (and many cute pictures of Hank the bear).



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Megan Bidmead
Megan Bidmead
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