Cat Cafe Manager Review - Key Art Logo

Cat Cafe Manager Review (Nintendo Switch)

Have you ever wanted to run a cate cafe? Do you even know what a cat cafe is? Well, either way, Cat Cafe Manager offers you the chance to...
Big Bang Pro Wrestling Review - Game Key Art

Big Bang Pro Wrestling Review (Nintendo Switch)

Originally released some time ago on Neo Geo Pocket, Big Bang Pro Wrestling is an arcade wrestling game that takes inspiration from classic wrestling video games. Big Bang is...
Bush Hockey League Review Nintendo Switch

Bush Hockey League Review (Nintendo Switch) A Real Slapshot in the Face

Our Bush Hockey League review puckers up as it takes NHL and pops back to the 70’s. An arcade style game that doesn’t take itself seriously at all.
WRC 10 Review (Nintendo Switch)

WRC 10 Review (Nintendo Switch) Brutal Rallying for Purists As Long as Looks Don’t...

Matt Jarvis heads back 50 years to just before he was born to tackle this WRC 10 review on Nintendo Switch. It’s brutally realistic but ugly as hell.
Dark Deity Key Art

Dark Deity Review (Nintendo Switch)

Dark Deity started out as a Kickstarter project that was released on PC in June of 2021. It was well-received from the beginning and sold well enough to justify...
Phantom Breaker Omnia Review

Phantom Breaker Omnia Review (Nintendo Switch) – Anime-Inspired Fighting Fun

Releasing a fighter on the Nintendo Switch might be considered a brave move. This is because it means you will be competiting against one of the most popular games...
FAR: Changing Tides Review

FAR: Changing Tides Review (Nintendo Switch) – A Journey of Discovery and Development

FAR: Changing Tides Review -The sequel to the acclaimed Lost Sails is a real adventure and voyage of discovery.
Quest for Infamy Review - Screenshot of imageryvideo

Quest for Infamy Review (Nintendo Switch)

Quest for Infamy is a part tribute, part send-up of the Quest for Glory series. In case you didn’t play them originally, Quest for Glory was an iconic RPG/point-and-click...
Moto Roader MC Review Nintendo Switch

Retro Racers Moto Roader MC Review (Nintendo Switch) – Top Down, Frantic Fun

Get ready to start your engines and go old school with this retro racer Moto Roader review on Nintendo Switch.
Grapple Dog Review (Nintendo Switch)

Grapple Dog Review (Nintendo Switch) A Fun, Captivating Platformer

Grapple Dog is a fun, action-packed 2D platformer. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good. Find out more in our full review.