Beyond A Steel Sky Gets Split Release Date for Consoles

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Beyond a Steel Sky is the much-anticipated spiritual successor to Beneath a Steel Sky. Developed by Revolution Software and published by Microids, the game is set for a split release date on consoles.

Release Date Update for Beyond a Steel Sky

Logistical Issues

Due to logistical issues, there is a split release date. Release date varies between regions:

  • In the UK, the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch versions launch on December 7th 2021, while the Nintendo Switch Digital Version launches on November 30th 2021.
  • In North America, the digital Switch version launches on December 7th 2021, and December 14th for all over platforms (retail and digital versions).
  • In Australia and New Zealand, all retail versions launch on December 17th, while all digital versions will be released on November 30th.
  • In the rest of the world, the Nintendo Switch version launches on December 2nd, 2021, while all other platforms (digital and retail) launch on November 30th 2021.

Dev Diary Update for Beyond a Steel Sky

Fans of Beneath a Steel Sky (originally released in 1994) may want to check out the latest dev diary update. Beyond a Steel Sky is the action-packed spiritual successor to the original, and creator Charles Cecil is keen to honour the legacy of the first game: ‘The way we do this is that we make sure that all the core elements, all the vital lore, is brought through as part of the gameplay so that players experience it as they’re solving puzzles, as they’re driving the narrative forward.’

Set a decade after the original events, you’ll play as Robert Foster, along with his best friend Joey, the A.I he built as a child.

They head to Union City, a seemingly perfect utopia designed to save oppressed citizens. Quickly, you’ll discover all is not as it seems. The class system dictates that the wealthy live in the lower levels of Union City, while the poor (and droids) are stuck at the top. You’ll progress through the story with a range of puzzles with multiple solutions, using a clever hacking tool, and chatting to compelling, willful characters.

Fans of Beneath a Steel Sky have a lot to look forward to here. The game will include two museums: the Museum of New History (exploring the lore of the new game) and the Museum of Old History (to learn about the lore of Beneath a Steel Sky).

Our Opinion

While it’s been a long time since the release of Beneath a Steel Sky, it’s pretty obvious that the creators are keen to keep its legacy alive. With art direction by Dave Gibbons (the comic book artist behind Watchmen), we’re really looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

While you’re waiting, you can follow publisher Microids on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for future updates. You can also head over to their website to find out more. And if you’ve never played the original, or want to experience it all over again, you can play Beneath a Steel Sky for free on Steam.



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