New Indie Raging Noodles Bringing Fat and Furious Fighter With Laughter in 2023

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Here at Last Word on Gaming we love all things gaming and we pride ourselves on supporting new ideas, innovation and new projects. In Quebec, Canada there is a new Indie Raging Noodles and they are working on a fighting game called Fat and Furious.

New Indie Raging Noodles Putting Humour and Fighting Together

2023 Launch

Trailers give a snippet of an idea of what a game is about and the 37 seconds for Fat and Furious really did make me laugh out loud. The art style is hand drawn and if you enjoyed the kind of animation you saw in the 1990’s you will love what is on offer here. Before I take you through more about the game, why not check out the teaser here.


Fighting games are all well and good but wouldn’t it be great to see some different ingredients used? Well that is what Raging Noodles are doing here and quite literally as well. Not only can you fight with more traditional moves, you can also use food as well. I may be a little long in the tooth for a food fight today but they always went down well in the school hall in my younger days!

A Work In Progress Fuelled by Passion

Three years in and Co-founder Louis Demers has expressed his views on what is clearly a Labour of passion;

“We’ve been working passionately on this game for 3 years now and have reached this milestone where we were ready to showcase it for the first time at the MEGAMIGS. The public’s reaction was super positive. It gave us the opportunity to talk to the community directly and gain valuable insights on where we could improve and how to make this an even greater entertaining fighting game for both PC and console players.”

The Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

I love to see new games coming from Indie teams and there is something about Fat and Furious that really appeals to me. Although there is still time to go before the games’ 2023 release, the fun art style, the humour that is being poured in as well as the obvious passion of the team has me thinking that Raging Noodles could be onto a real winner and Last Word on Gaming will be keeping up to date as the game progresses and look forward to its release.

In the meantime why not learn more about the team at Raging Noodles;


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