New Indie Raging Noodles

New Indie Raging Noodles Bringing Fat and Furious Fighter With Laughter in 2023

Here at Last Word on Gaming we love all things gaming and we pride ourselves on supporting new ideas, innovation and new projects. In Quebec, Canada there is a...
British Esports Association

British Esports Association Announces Partnership With Bett 2022

To help bring esports into the world’s biggest EdTech show, the British Esports Association has announced a partnership with Bett 2022, which takes place in January 2022, and means...
Sonic Frontiers

Sega Trademarks ‘Sonic Frontiers’ – What Could This Mean?

Recently, it was reported that Sega Corporation filed a trademark for 'Sonic Frontiers'. This Japanese trademark was originally filed last month. In various entertainment industries, video games included, the...
Shin Megami Tensei V Reviews

Shin Megami Tensei V Reviews: What The Critics Are Saying

Atlus is ready to drop the latest addition to the Shin Megami Tensei series on November 12. Atlus is a renowned studio behind classic games like Shin Megami Tensei:...
Best Selling Switch Games

Analysing The Best Selling Switch Games So Far

Nintendo's recent investor releases have provided us with a lot of information about the company itself and some of our favorite games. For the more business-minded of us, there...
Cops vs Kids

Cops vs Kids: New Initiative Strengthens Bonds Between Youth and Police

Have you heard of Cops vs Kids? In uplifting news, the British Esports Association have been working with North Yorkshire Police on a successful initiative using gaming to strengthen...
Nintendo's Profit Forecast

Nintendo’s Profit Forecast Update Is Here

Nintendo's profit forecast update is here, and it makes for interesting reading. Software Profit Estimations Have Changed in Nintendo's Profit Forecast Update Nintendo projects their net profit to be 350 billion yen...
Right to Repair

Right to Repair Activists Gain Small Victory With U.S. Copyright Ruling

Right to Repair Activists have achieved a small victory in court, with the ruling that optical drives for consoles can have unauthorized repairs.
PAX South Cancelled

PAX South Cancelled Indefinitely

PAX South announced via Twitter that PAX South will be canceled "for the foreseeable future". PAX South Cancelled With No Reschedule Date The statement explained the reasoning behind the cancellation as...
Horror Game Cosplayers

Video Game Cosplayers: Horror Games

Ready to get in the Halloween spirit? In this edition of Last Word on Gaming's video game cosplay series, we spoke with some horror video game cosplayers. Here you...