Four Swords Adventures

The LWOG Backlog: The Legend of Zelda – Four Swords Adventures

Gaming has a rich history that spans multiple decades. To this end, The Last Word on Gaming Backlog is a series that looks back on titles across all generations....
Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge First Free Content Update Announced

Earlier this week, a blog post was published on the official Axiom Verge website detailing the game's first free content update. Released in 2015, Axiom Verge is a Metroidvania...
Cold War Remains First

Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War Remains First in December Charts

NPD has released its sales data for December 2020.  Their comprehensive lists keep track of the top-selling games across multiple platforms for both physical and digital sales.  In the...
2020's Highest Selling Game

Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War Is 2020’s Highest Selling Game

NPD has released their final chart for the top 20 sellers of 2020 based on dollar sales.  2020's highest selling game according to NPD is Call Of Duty: Black...
New Pokemon Snap

April Release for New Pokemon Snap on Nintendo Switch

An April release has been slated for the New Pokemon Snap game coming to Nintendo Switch. This is a new and fully HD version follow up to the original...
Bowser's Fury Trailer

Bowser’s Fury Trailer Analysis

Bowser's Fury Trailer Analysis: Nintendo dropped the latest trailer for the upcoming Februrary release, and there is a lot to talk about.
2D Metroid Rumors

2D Metroid Rumors: Is A New Installment on the Way?

2D Metroid Rumors: According to various leaks, Samus might have her first original 2D adventure since 2002's Metroid: Fusion
Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire Review (Nintendo Switch)

The world of professional wrestling video games is in the midst of a shake up as WWE has gone from the only game in town to now having competition from AEW Games, RetroMania...
Mario Kart 9

Why Mario Kart 9 Won’t Be Coming For A While

Nintendo fans are clamoring for a new installment in the Mario Kart franchise, but they have to wait before seeing Mario Kart 9
Switch Dominates In Japan

Nintendo Switch Dominates In Japan At End Of 2020 (Famitsu Charts)

The Famitsu charts are in for both software and hardware sales in Japan for the two-week stretch spanning the 21st of December 2020 to the 3rd of January 2021. ...