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With Football Manager 2023 coming to the end of its life cycle it is time to look ahead to the coming game. The developers have already started announcing some of the FM 24 new features that players can come to expect and as a seasoned player, I’m here to give some quick reactions to the current set of new mechanics.

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FM 24 New Features Analysis

Smarter Transfers/Finances

If implemented correctly this could be a major change to the game. Opposition manager’s are largely poor when it comes to the transfer market with some hoarding talent in one position or ending up with unbalanced squads.

The new AI will supposedly be better at squad building, looking to fill problem areas based on form and fit moreso than just signing the best player available.

The overhauled finances look to be a true game changer for those in need of a challenge. Being forced to sell off players in order to balance the books will make some saves as lower-tier teams much more realistic than in the past.

The integration of FFP has been offset by some more dynamic income methods which should make for a more balanced feel especially as the game years progress, assuming both have been added properly that is.

Player Development Variation

This is a change that some folks have been wanting to see for a long time. The game’s haven’t felt realistic in the sense that a player can just hoarde young players and wait for them to develop at a linear pace, with this new change it looks like there’s an attempt to mirror NBA 2K’s system of development with more boom and bust potential as well as peak ages starting and ending at different times for different players.

I really like the potential this has as it adds more risk and reward to playing younger players. They could have a breakout season and emerge as a top player like Romeo Lavia for Southampton last year, alternatively you could be giving chances to someone who won’t fulfill their potential until they hit 25 or 26.

Reshaped Player Offloading System

One issue I had a lot when playing as teams outsider of the top tier was having no interest in talented players when attempting to offload them. Based on what’s been outlined in the FM 24 new features showcase there’s been steps made to avoid this in the new title.

Using agents and intermediaries it appears that you can now take as many steps as needed to generate and act on the interest in your players. I’m hesitant to praise this as I’d like to see it in action first and worry it’s going to overcomplicate the process of selling players but I’ll reserve full judgement for the game’s release.

Player Targets & Improved Interactions

I love this new system, especially with regards to loan players. A loan army can often feel like you’re just waiting for player’s to get to a certain rating before going anywhere but with the new target system in place you can pay closer attention to well-performing loan players and reward them.

This could also minimise the impact of current player’s wanting new contracts as you can promise them one if they hit their targets, meaning some will fail and won’t be upset if they don’t get a new deal.

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That is all for this FM 24 new features reaction. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Football manager content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know!


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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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