The Company Man Review (Nintendo Switch) - Atop the Company Ladder

The Company Man Review – (Nintendo Switch)

The Company Man recently launched on the Nintendo Switch.  I had the pleasure of playing through its very alluring demo and have now had the opportunity to play the...
Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Opinion: Time For Calm Not Hysteria Following Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition has sent ripples through the gaming world but come on everyone - let’s stop the hsyteria!
Most downloaded Switch games

Most Downloaded Switch Games for Europe (December 2021)

We here at Last Word on Gaming are no strangers to covering physical sales charts and analyzing what they tell us about the current gaming landscape. What most of...
Writers’ Game of The Year

Last Word on Gaming’s Writers’ Game of The Year……..The Winner Is….

The votes are counted and the result is in! The Last Word on Gaming Writers’ Game of The Year is…….Death’s Door!
Indie Games

Indie Games To Pick Up This Christmas

We take a look at some indie games to gift yourself or your friends, children etc. this festive season from a wide array of genres
Best Selling Switch Games

Analysing The Best Selling Switch Games So Far

Nintendo's recent investor releases have provided us with a lot of information about the company itself and some of our favorite games. For the more business-minded of us, there...
Nintendo Switch OLED

Accessory Review – Skull & Co. Nintendo Switch OLED Grip and Case

As much as I enjoy handheld gaming above possibly all else, the one thing that causes me issues is the tiredness in the hands after long sessions so a...
Video Game Cosplayers

Video Game Cosplayers: Chicago Area

The Chicago area has a strong community of cosplayers that bring their favorite video game characters to life. Last Word on Gaming had the opportunity to interview a few...

Five Short-but-Spooky Games to Try This Halloween

It’s Spook Month, and you know what that means: it’s time to draw the curtains, dim the lights, turn up the volume, and become temporarily afraid of dark corners...
G-Darius HD Review Nintendo Switch

G-Darius HD Review (Nintendo Switch)

G-Darius HD is a glorious return for the beloved Japanese arcade game. Initially released way back in 1997, the Silver Hawk has come swinging back this year for Nintendo...