5 tips for Successful Farming in Farm Tycoon (Nintendo Switch)

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I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to restart my Farm Tycoon campaign from the beginning. Apparently, no matter how I try to balance my budget across that many different production lines, I still end up irreversibly bankrupt after a few years and unable to continue.

Through my many failed farms and derelict barns, I have learned through experience that there are certain ways to set yourself up for successful farming in Farm Tycoon.

5 tips for Successful Farming in Farm Tycoon

Successful farming in farm tycoon - image is screenshot of a farm, lots of red barns and cow pens everywhere

Farming Community College

While spending money on the training programs in the farmhouse can seem like a waste of money initially, certain upgrades are definitely worth the initial investment. They’ll help speed up your growth time and productivity, give you access to loans and larger buildings, and increase the value of your staff. I’d recommend purchasing the following 3 upgrades as early as you can for successful farming in Farm Tycoon:

  • Labour Law Training – This upgrade only costs 500 and increases the strength of your employees by 10% which will help you get tasks done faster.
  • Practical Training in Negotiation Skills – This upgrade unlocks the skill tree for quick access to loans and allows you to negotiate higher prices for your produce and lower prices for your bills.
  • Annual Agricultural School – This upgrade unlocks all the specialised training for larger animal buildings and increases the quality and quantity of your harvests by 10%.

Choose Your Staff Carefully

Your employees have a limited amount of energy to spend on tasks each day. Once that energy is expended, they need to spend time sleeping and recovering in the employee house before they can return to the task at hand. Some people are better at managing their energy levels than others, so for successful farming in Farm Tycoon, make sure to take notice of the lightning bolt skill when hiring your staff as these staff will help you manage your tasks much better.

Your biggest expense will always be your staff’s wages every month. In my experience, no matter how much you upgrade your staff, you will always pay the hiring wage so it can actually work out much better to hire lower skilled workers and upgrade than to hire the more expensive, experienced workers. I also found it much easier to hire seasonal workers to tend the fields and harvest the crops so that I could save my permanent employees for the production and animal care jobs that require more expertise.


You’ll need a lot of capital to achieve successful farming in Farm Tycoon. One of the most reliable ways to make money is to breed chickens. They are cheap to feed and multiply very quickly, especially once you’ve purchased the automatic insemination upgrade. While they don’t sell for much individually, selling the eggs, meat and any excess chickens can be a very good source of regular income that adds up over time. You can also do this with rabbits and goats as they breed just as fast. It’s definitely worth investing in the larger animal pens for these three so you can maximize your profits.

Holy Cow!

Having a few cows will give you a steady supply of milk which can be turned into cheese with a milk processing plant for another regular income stream. However, their gestation period is very long so you’ll often be waiting around for them to multiply. If you’re trying to breed cows for beef, make sure to bear this time in mind as you may find yourself eating your cows faster than they can multiply; which probably won’t help you get successful farming in Farm Tycoon.

Just Plant It

Don’t make the same mistake that I did and try to prepare every field perfectly before planting your crops. They’ll take way too long to grow and you’ll end up losing entire harvests to the cold when winter arrives. Wait until you have all the shiny machinery for optimised and successful farming in Farm Tycoon.


Did you have any tips for successful farming in Farm Tycoon?

Let us know in the comments below.
Do you have any tips for successful farming in Farm Tycoon?x

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I have a question, I have a task on campaign “harvest wheat seed with machines” but I can’t complete it, I have the harvester and header but it needs another machine and I can’t figure out what that is as there is no guide, I thought it might be a trailer but it’s not, please help


make sure your field is large enough for machines to be worked on. in the top right hand corner there will be a person for a field small enough for just workers or a tracker icon and person for fields large enough for both.


You are completelly wrong with the cows. You buy them, process to meat and sell them for double the price. Business much much better then any other animals.

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