Examining the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet Leaks

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With over three months until the release of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, fans are getting anxious for any news they can get. Much like any game, there have been Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet leaks. CentroLeaks has been active on Twitter, releasing leaks of the upcoming Pokemon game, much like they have for Sword and Shield and Legends: Arceus. Another account, Mr. Kaka or Mr. K, has been a primary leaker of the game as he claims he has helped work on the product.

While the Scarlet and Violet leaks have not been confirmed or denied, they give great new insight into what to expect from Scarlet and Violet. Gamers are more than excited about the new Generation IX that is set to bring new exciting ideas to the gaming world of Pokemon.

Breaking Down the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet Leaks

Biking and Fishing Do Not Return

Some core mechanics that gamers might not be excited to see left out are biking and fishing. In this tropical region that we are set to travel through, it is confusing why these would be taken out, especially biking. Previous games like Ruby and Sapphire, and Diamond and Pearl made players use different bike paths to travel. Biking was left out of Sun and Moon, a fellow tropical regional game. One reason for that is the ability to through territories in the air and over water with their legendaries in Miraidon and Koraidon.

The fishing aspect was left out of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and it appears, according to the leak, that fishing will not return in Scarlet and Violet. This may be a more questionable destination as fishing helped add another way to catch unique Pokemon. Fishing has also been in every Pokemon game until Arceus Legends.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Converted a Cynic
Despite its vast landscapes Arceus did not have a fishing mechanic

No new fossil Pokemon

Another aspect that might not be included in the Scarlet and Violet is fossil pokemon. This new region has the potential to introduce various new Pokemon but decided that new fossil pokemon might take the attention away from the tropical resort setting. That doesn’t mean there could not be any of previous fossil pokemon in the game, such as Omanyte or Kabuto, however. This could mean there might be something special to acquire these prehistoric Pokemon instead of the typical laboratory.

Scarlet and Violet would not be the first main game from the series to not have new prehistoric Pokemon. Pokemon: Gold and Silver did not give the player the ability to acquire a fossil Pokémon while Pokemon: Sun and Moon didn’t introduce any new prehistoric pokemon but did allow us to acquire them.

New regional Pokemon

Like some of the more recent Pokemon games, there are expected to be more regional forms. The Scarlet and Violet leaks have shown that Wooper is getting a regional form that is poison-type. It will likely be a water/poison type to match more with the swamp environment it is from. While it is unknown if Tauros is getting a pre-evolution or an evolution form, it has been leaked that it will have a regional form. It is not known what type that regional Tauros will be. Hypno is another rumored Pokemon to have a regional form.

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New Pokemon Evolutions/types

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet is set to continue recent work with unique Pokemon evolutions. The leak indicates that Wooper could have another evolution due to its water/poison type form. Murkrow is rumored to have a new evolution in Scarlet and Violet. In Diamond and Pearl, the ability to evolve Murkrow was first discovered by using the dusk stone to create Honchkrow. With this new region, there may be another stone that could make Murkrow evolve into another unique Pokemon instead of a dark/flying type. Primeape, Dunsparce, Girafarig, and Pawninard are other Pokemon expected to evolve in Scarlet and Violet.

On top of regional forms, there are also rumored to be ancient and future species Pokemon of past creatures. The ancient and future species are likely an indicator of the new main legendaries Miraidon and Koraidon. It is unknown if that means players will have the opportunities to go into the past or the future in the new region, but there are opportunities to get some of the Pokemon.

The ancient species that have been leaked are Jigglypuff, Amoonguss, Misdreavus, and Volcarona. The Scarlet and Violet leaks also indicate that the future species will feature Delibird, Gallade, an unknown creature, and a Gen V bug pokemon. There is also an indication that Salamence and Tyranitar could alternate to an ancient species and the other is a future species, or both could have both species.

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