Pokemon SV Leaks Out in full force!

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With new games on the horizon, fans have been eagerly awaiting new information on their beloved franchise, Pokemon. What else could be brought to the table by the already-vastly-decorated media involving our favourite Pocket Monsters?

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are just days away from release, and some fans just cannot wait. In fact, there has been news leaking a bit earlier than expected…

Pokemon SV Leaks: Starter Final evolutions and Paradox Pokemon!

The Reliable Twitter account Centro LEAKS has been active once again and doing its thing. Leaks have come in, and whilst yet to be confirmed – have revealed a lot about the feel of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games.

With divided fan opinions, it looks like Sprigatito will have a final evolution consisting of Grass/Dark typing. The other two starters were also revealed. With Quaxly retaining a Water/Fighting typing, and Fuecoco a whimsical Fire/Ghost.

But the feature that has had fans most rattled was Paradox Pokemon. Aside from the new breeds of creatures coming into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – there will be returning species with divine differences in their appearance.

The games stay true to their themes as Violet will feature “Future Paradox” Pokemon, and Scarlet will don “Past Paradox” Pokemon. One of the most anticipated returns will see Tyranitar come back with a futuristic touch to it.

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Misdreavus will also return but with a past form, mirroring Tyranitar’s comeback. Older fan favourites like Magneton and Jigglypuff also have been leaked to get certain changes – although Donphan will see two new additional forms.

As we say goodbye to the era of Sword and Shield which has long outstayed its welcome, we are now diving deep into the books of the upcoming games. Fans have been wondering about the lore behind most of the new designs – and we don’t blame them!

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