Solitaire image

Complete Guide to Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic game initially constructed by Microsoft, as you might have guessed. Typically, word solitaire is played using 52-card decks along with the jokers. It's a game...
Slot Themes - Image of Slot Machines

What Are the Most Popular Online Slot Game Themes?

The online casino industry has cemented its position as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world with another record-breaking year in 2021. In fact, gross gambling yield was...
MOBAs - eSports trophy case

How MOBAs eSports Came Back from The Dead

MOBA is a subgenre of strategy games ignored in its initial years, despite having a very firm and niche fanbase. By that time, It rarely dragged the attention of...
eBet featured image

How eBet Is Revolutionizing the Asian Gaming Market

eBet was founded in 2012 and is considered a leading supplier of mobile casino gaming in Asia. In fact, the company is so successful that they’ve recently been announced...
Commonwealth Esports Championships

Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022 Selection for European Players

Further to the recent announcement that the inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships are set to take place in Birmingham on 6- 7 August at the International Convention Centre, the British...
Esports Student Champs Increase Participation

The British Esports Student Champs Increase Participation by 115%

The British Esports Student Champs Increase Participation by 115% and also announces date change for the Grand Finals.
eSports WRC Championship 2022

eSports WRC Championship 2022 Kicks Off on February 4th

NACON and its development studio KT Racing (in collaboration with WRC Promoter) have announced that the eSports WRC Championship 2022 will kick off on the 4th of February. This...
Four MMORPGs For 2022

Four MMORPGs For 2022: Which Title Could Grab eSports Fame?

MMORPGs and no one else, gave birth to eSports. And now the parents are living in the shadow of their MOBA children. Once upon a time players forced developers...
Esports Marketing

C4G: The Next Big Esports Marketing Agency

C4G Agency is a French-Canadian marketing agency looking to take on the world of esports and sports by helping clients grow and ultimately, make your life easier when you...
NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship To Take Place In Singapore

24 Entertainment announced the first-ever competitive tournament for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT. The NARAKA: BLADEPOINT World Championship (NWBC) will take place in Singapore and will start on January 13th, 2022. Inaugural NARAKA:...