The Top 5 eSports in 2022 Besides League of Legends

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With a continually growing portfolio of online gaming staples, the world of eSports has many gamers’ heads exploding from the choice. League of Legends’ die-hard fans might feel there are no better team-player games like it, but this sentiment has seen the rise of other equally enthralling and challenging entertainment. Let’s take a look at some eSports games that are making waves in 2022.

Counter-Strike: Global Offense (CS: GO)

For most gamers, the eSports coin only has two sides, LoL and CS: GO. Fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offense hold an enduring loyalty, regardless of its now venerable appearance. As a multiplayer, first-person-shooter game, the appeal to community spirit is harbored by its annual Major Championships, now known as the eLeague Major and televised by TBS. Players are not only drawn in by the $1 million prize draw, but by the fast-paced PC gaming experience. How else can you prove you’re the best virtual marksman, except on the greatest stage in the world?


Epic Games’ Fornite is one of the games many gamers turn to when looking for approachable gameplay. This Battle-Royal free-to-play game, hit the target in 2020 when it hosted a record-breaking session of over 12 million concurrent players. This aided in its rise to fame as the game to play when looking to bag a few cash prizes, such as the epic $3 million win of the then 16-year-old Kyle. Entry-level players can appreciate the freedom of creation in Fornite create, where unique battle arenas and worlds can be constructed. Using a guide to finesse these skills can be helpful and is akin to players that get the know-how of online table games.


The world always needs heroes, regardless of the era or extent of modernization. With real-time strategy as a prerequisite, heroes are born every second. while it may a team video game, players defend their chosen territory with their unique hero, whose abilities and playing style are individual as the gamer controlling them. The International is Valve’s contribution to the eSports community.


Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is an addition to our eSport list due to its overly quasi-anime-type style characters also dubbed heroes that offer a very interesting gaming involvement. The overall style provides a nice light-hearted, fun element that even green players can appreciate. As a first-person, multiplayer game, it comes with many layers that keep the gaming fun. The six-man teams focus on defending and attacking while navigating through the multi-game modes found in the colorful levels. The classes and heroes found in Overwatch assist in highlighting the mechanical heterogeneity of the whole experience. The Overwatch World Cup caters to the competitive gaming side.

Rocket League

Psyonix’s Rocket League ties up our list very nicely, due to its unique genre and approach to the eSports gaming world. Unlike the search for heroes or crazy colorful characters, this game stands on its pedestal as a soccer video game, with the main characters being rocket-powered cars. Two teams are assigned anywhere from one to four players, where during a match score points are acquired when a ball is rebounded straight into the goal. On the eSports side of things, The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) has all the bases covered with a $6,000, 000 prizing. This has seen a lot of players interested in showcasing their skills as the best teams in the world.

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