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Some time ago I played the demo for a game called Figment 2 and was immediately intrigued by the tone, art, and musical undertones. I enjoyed the demo so much that I bought the original game! Since then, I’ve waited for Figment 2 Creed Valley to release and in this Figment 2 Creed Valley review I will detail why this game was worth the wait.

Figment 2 Creed Valley Review (Switch)

Title: Figment 2: Creed Valley
Developer: Bedtime Digital Games
Publisher: 4Divinity
Players: 1-2
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Action
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Simplistic Gameplay

Figment 2 sets out some rules pretty early on and sticks to them. It is a puzzle game at heart with combat focusing more on timing your strikes rather than brute strength, it’s a gameplay style that always engages you because there’s always something to think about.

This may seem like it would get old pretty quickly but I find each area takes a unique approach to this gameplay. One main story is a detective murder mystery, while another is puzzle-solving to advance through a test, the last level sees you use a cage to press buttons and shield yourself from projectiles. There’s no complacency to be found here as there is always a new element added on to keep things interesting.

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Art Style

Figment 2 Art Style

Much like its predecessor, this title looks great. It doesn’t focus too much on realism, instead opting to use a very distinct art style and color palette to paint various regions of this world you occupy.

One of the most jaw-dropping things I can recall was the first time I flipped the switch and changed the mind from Open-minded to Close-minded or vice versa. The way the entire environment changes around you is exceptional. This is something that has to be seen to be believed but trust me, it is an amazing visual.


I adore how this game uses music form start to finish. When I first noticed the drops from trees were timed with beats in the music I knew I was in for a good time. Boss battles being the backdrop to a song from the boss in question is something that I’m demanding every game have from now on. I especially liked how each of the fights had a different style of music, the raging nightmare bull had a heavier sound than the jester, until the jester too got angry and had a song full of thrashing drums.

One of the standout moments of the game was the song Piper sang to Dusty to cheer him up and rouse him into action following his failures, it was a slower-paced section of the game but one that allowed me to really soak in the emotions each character was feeling.

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Figment 2 Creed Valley Review – Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

Figment 2 is one of the best games I’ve played in 2023. It may have a short runtime but it uses every second to tell a simple story and blow you away both with its visuals and its audio. The core gameplay remains interesting until the very end while every area you visit is full of character and charm that makes this one impossible to put down.

Figment 2 Creed Valley Review – The Verdict



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