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Football Manager 2024 is the latest release in the iconic FM series and looks set to be seen as a major overhaul to the series. In this Football Manager 2024 review I will be detailing what they did right and what they did wrong with the new title.

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Football Manager 2024 Review for Nintendo Switch

Title: Football Manager 2024
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Players: 1
Genre: Simulation, Sport, Management
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation, Mobile

Visual Improvements

The very first thing I noticed about FM24 over previous versions is the slight visual improvement. The incorporation of some sharper colors, specifically the orange that’s splashed on all the main stuff, offsets the rather dull base skin of the game.

Everything pops a bit more and is generally formatted better to help it fully stand out when it needs to. The developers deserve a lot of credit for making such improvements to the UI without making any steps backwards.

More Challenging & Realistic

So far, I find FM24 to be a much tougher grind and a much more realistic experience overall. Finding bargains who will improve your team immediately was relatively easy in FM23 assuming you knew where to scout. In FM24, there’s more of a challenge.

The players who will waltz in and make your team better will cost money, there’s no more scrounging pennies together and hoping for the best. Any bargains you do get will come with the risk of not hitting their potential and stalling the team for a season or 2 until they get firing.

While this won’t be ideal for some, for others it provides the genuine challenge they’ve been looking for in an FM game for some time.

More Dynamic Game World

Another vast improvement over FM23 is the game world. It used to feel very static, the same managers would stay in their jobs until they resigned, the same teams would win every year, takeovers were rare and never had any impact.

In FM 24, the game world feels alive and I love it. Teams panic and sack their manager for a bad run of form, some teams are so poor they’ve sacked two managers in the same season. Big money takeovers actually happen and can turn the tides in a league when they go down.

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While some people may never notice this sort of stuff I always do one or two unemployed saves per game and they used to be a pain with only the lowest-tier jobs opening up, now there are positions up and down the league system.

Minor Issues

Amidst all the improvements there are some qualms I have with the game, namely the injury crisis. I, and many others, have had a lot of issues with multiple goalkeepers and first team players getting injured at the same time. I’ve had situations where there are at least seven main players out. Followed pretty closely by five being missing. it’s not a major issue but it’s an annoyance to see your team fall to bits at unbelievable rates.

Sometimes I feel like other teams have the wrong assessment of me. Being told I’m not a capable candidate for the job because I haven’t shown the ability to fight off relegation after getting not one but two teams away from relegation and into solid positions is a small gripe.

Football Manager 2024 Review – LWOG Viewpoint

FM24 is just another FM game, but it improves on the tried and true formula while making the overall experience better and the visuals much sharper. If you’re going to get a version of this game then Football Manager 2024 is undeniably the way to go.

Football Manager 2024 Review – Verdict



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