Furniture Flipper Simulator 2023 Review (Nintendo Switch)

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This Furniture Flipper Simulator 2023 review will detail what I enjoyed, and what I didn’t, from the latest release in this expanding genre of “satisfying” or “addictive” simulators. We’ve seen games like Powerwash Simulator and House Flipper take off so it will be interesting to see how far the genre can go with titles like this.

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Furniture Flipper Simulator 2023 Review

Title: Furniture Flipper Simulator 2023 – Revive, Restoration & Creative Crafting
Developer: DEZVOLT Games
Publisher: DEZVOLT Games
Players: 1
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Gameplay Loop

For at least a few hours the standard gameplay loop in this title is addictive and enjoyable. It’s the same style of play as games like House Flipper where you go about doing automated tasks by waiting for them to complete.

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This can be ok for a while but eventually, it wears thin and I found with this game that my enjoyment wore out before I’d even got 10 hours in. The loop is just too bland and uninspiring with the game never really giving you much to aim for to keep you enticed.

Simple Mistakes

For such a simple game there’s times it frustrates me. When at the shop there are times I won’t be allowed to buy a particular item because the game warns me that I “won’t have enough for materials” even though I have all of the materials back in my garage. I’m just here to buy the faster paint, but nope the game makes me buy the cheaper, slower paint even though I have everything else needed for the job on hand AND have enough money available for the faster paint.

The physics also gets out of hand sometimes, particularly when there are a lot of different pieces to detail. Some of them can go awry because there’s some wonky hit detection there.

Control Scheme

The controls are both good and bad. I like the idea of mapping thins to the direction buttons but there’s an uneven distribution there. The left button has to cycle through every different variant of tool you have for nails, screws, and bolts which can make it hard to keep track of everything. It is a small price to pay for having the other key mechanics linked to a button each, which is a convenient decision.

When actually renovating the furniture the joycons take centre stage and boy do I wish they didn’t. Trying to clean, grind, and paint every piece by using the right analogue stick is probably the least enjoyable part of the game, one stick rotates, one actions, and there’s other buttons to zoom in and out it’s just kind of a mess.

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Furniture Flipper 2023 Review – Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

If you pick this up on sale like I did then it will be good value for money. The gameplay does keep players engaged for a few hours but there’s just no staying power. After the 10th job the tedium sets in and the controls, particularly for detailing and painting, just become too much to handle.

Furniture Flipper 2023 Review – Verdict



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