Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tips Part I

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a few weeks and shows no signs of slowing down. The new Link adventure has gripped fans feverishly as they try to rid the Hyrule Kingdom of the spreading “Gloom”. While the surface map is technically the same as the previous installment, Breath of the Wild, developers did an outstanding job integrating Link’s new abilities with the landscape to keep experimentation fresh. As players continue to grind through all the shrines and missions, here are some tips and tricks to help get you started.

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Tears of The Kingdom Tips

Use the Fuse Ability Often

The fuse ability is taught during the tutorial section within the first couple hours of gameplay. While using it to put rocks on swords is a good way to break mineral deposits, use it to enhance your shield in unique ways. Fusing your shield with a jump spring will push away enemies who stray too close and if positioned well, use a cliff or water edges to quickly defeat enemies. Furthermore, fusing a Zonai rocket to your shield will propel you up towards the sky for a few seconds, letting you glide to safety or navigate difficult terrain. The different materials gained from mineral deposits can also be used to increase attack power. Lynel parts can be fused to weapons for an aesthetic appeal or to significantly boost attack power.

When in Doubt Ascend

Tears of the Kingdom introduced a new ability called ascend. This allows Link to “swim” through the ceiling above and come out on top. There are plenty of obvious instances for when to use ascend throughout the game. However, there are an equal amount of not-so-obvious ones. For example, when in a cave system and Link appears to be right on the objective, try using ascend. The objective marker or map pins do not account for elevation so the objective or shrine might actually be in a little cove one level above Link. This is the case with at least one Sky Tower that Link will need to unlock in Hyrule.

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Shield Surfing is Back

A holdover from Breath of the Wild, shield surfing adds another layer to Link’s transportation options. Sliding down a slope of snow or sand seemed to be more of a novelty. However, with the ability to use fuse, shields are now more effective at hitting the fresh powder. Fuse a cart or a Zonai sled to your shield to make to a make shift sled or skate board. Of course, just beware using your shield to shred will quickly use its durability.

Farming Arrows

The bow is one of the most versatile weapons in Hyrule. However, arrows are not as plentiful and can be used rather quickly. The easiest and fastest way to get arrows is to travel to the nearest village, go to the general store and purchase a bundle of arrows. The store will usually have a bundle of arrows for 20 Rupees. Not the best deal, but if you are in a pinch you can pay for the convenience. If encountering an enemy archer Link can use a wood shield to absorb and then collect the arrows. Players should also use their amiibos to get drops and hopefully a few arrows. Finally, breaking crates seem to drop more arrows than other breakable objects. Bonus tip: Use Ultrahand to drop a rock or a crate on top of another one to open them without using material or weapon durability.

Use Land Marks to Navigate Storms

Throughout Hyrule there are massive storms. Storms so severe they render Link’s compass completely useless. For players wanting to power through early game shrines, they may not have time to do the missions to clear the storms. However, before entering the storm, face the shrine location and take note of terrain features on the map. Walk or glide as straight as possible and use the terrain features as guiding features until the glow of the shrine is in sight. This may take a couple of tries, but this technique works pretty well through the sand storm in the Gerudo Region.

Quick Tip: Look For Shrines at Night

Speaking of navigation tips, look for shrines at night. Their green glow will be easier to see in the dark than in the daylight.

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Easy Rupees and Food

In Link’s travels he will meet Addison, who will be holding up a wood banner of President Hudson. The thing is Addison needs to put up more signs, but can not let go of the current one until Link lends an “ultrahand” to prop the sign up. Use materials around Addison to help prop the sign up for him, approach him and talk to him to make him let go. Once the sign stands on its own for a few seconds Addison will rejoice and give Link a few rewards! Each sign you help with is 20 Rupees and he will give up to 3 material or food dishes as rewards. With more than 80 signs around Hyrule those Rupees will add up!

There is certainly more to come so stay tuned for more tips and tricks for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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