Games and Their Specific Vocabularies: Do You Know All of the Terms?

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Terminologies are a special form of vocabulary that we use within a field or community. It functions as a sort of form of communication, except that it’s shortened. They identify whatever they are associated with and create a shared sense of understanding.

If you look around, you’ll find them everywhere. From medical jargon that is used by doctors to legal terms that are thrown around in court. Apart from simply allowing communication, the people who are familiar with these terms can talk without any confusion. This makes conversations and discussions easier to deal with.

Similarly, in the game world, game terminologies are equally important. No matter if you play video games or cards, they will play an important role. They bring gamers together, around which communities are built, while also delivering increased enjoyment.

Like in video games, ‘FPS’ is a term used to classify the genre. It’s short for First Person Shooter. Similarly, ‘AoE’ means Area of Effect, generally depicted for attacks or damaging moves. Card games use their own jargon. You’ll often find deck, shuffle, and dealer being used if you step into this realm.  As games have evolved, so have the terms we associate with them. Let’s take a look at some popular games and the terminologies that rule them.

Poker: Terms of Logical Game

Poker is one of those games that involves skill, strategy, and psychological manipulation. This makes it among the best-known logical games. If you want to win, you’ll need to calculate your moves, predict what your opponent is going to do, and make a winning hand.

Like other games, Poker has its own set of terms to allow players to communicate easily. For example, ‘all-in’ means that you’re betting all the chips you have, while ‘bluff’ means you’re pretending to have a better hand than you actually do. One of the most famous poker terms is ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, which has aces and eights. This was named after Wild Bill Hickok, who was shot while holding this hand.

Another interesting set of terms is ‘running good’ or ‘running bad.’ These refer to players’ winning or losing streaks. You can get a glimpse of the culture around poker from the terminologies used. Like ‘The Doyle Brunson hand’ comes from the poker legend of the same name who won the World Series of Poker two times in a row.

As you can see, these terms, which have evolved over time, show the history and depth of poker. By understanding these you can better converse with players and fans alike.

Chess: Terms of the Tactical Game

Chess requires you to be tactical and cunning. You must think several moves ahead to secure victory. The terminologies of the game highlight its complexity, as these are used to describe moves and situations.

Checkmate’ is a chess term that is essentially the winning condition. It means a player’s king is ‘in check’ or can be captured and cannot escape. Another important term is ‘fork’. This refers to a tactic where one chess piece attacks twice or more at once. The knight is most suited for this tactic.

Other terms often describe the state of the game. Take, for example, ‘blunder’, which denotes a really bad move.

Magic: The Gathering: Terms of the Sorcery Game

MTG is a game of skill and strategy where players collect cards. They assume the role of wizards in a fantasy setting and use their cards of spells and mythical creatures to outsmart their foes.

A term that is almost synonymous with MTG is ‘sorcery’. These are spells that have their effect written on the card. Once you ‘cast’ the spell, they will be discarded to the graveyard. Another term that is closely related to spells is ‘mana’. This is the magical energy that is used to pay for spells and abilities.

A cool pop culture reference in MTG’s ‘Robber of the Rich’ card. This is a reference to the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, who used to steal from the rich and give to the poor.

World of Warcraft: Terms of the Strategic Game

World of Warcraft, also termed WoW, is a type of MMORPG – an acronym for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It’s set in the Warcraft universe, taking place in Azeroth. Players can create their characters and explore the world while dealing with other gamers and NPCs.

WoW has several important terms you should be familiar with. For instance, ‘Totems’ are used by shamans for buffing their abilities and powers. Likewise, ‘TPK’ stands for Total Kill Party which means an entire party of players have faced their death.

One interesting term is ‘ICC’, short for Icecrown Citadel. This is a raid that features the Lich King. Some think this is a reference to the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’, as both involve an epic battle against a powerful otherworldly foe.

Final Thoughts

Game grammar’s importance cannot be ignored. These terms and vocabularies describe the environment laid out by the game while also enforcing rules and tactics.

For players, they serve as a form of easy and authentic communication while hardcore fans build entire communities around them.

As games evolve further, it will be interesting to see what new terms they bring with them.


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