Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Empire Review (Nintendo Switch)

The world of professional wrestling video games is in the midst of a shake up as WWE has gone from the only game in town to now having competition from AEW Games, RetroMania...
Zelda Collection

Which Zelda Collection Should Nintendo Make First?

The Legend of Zelda is celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2021, and a special collection could be on its way to the market.
Zelda 35th Anniversary

What A Zelda 35th Anniversary Could Look Like

What A Zelda 35th Anniversary Could Look Like: How will Nintendo celebrate the anniversary of one of the biggest icons in gaming?
Nintendo Anniversaries

10 Possible Breath of the Wild 2 Dungeon Locations

9 Possible Breath of the Wild 2 Dungeon Locations: Where could traditional dungeons be located in the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel?
Super Mario Sunshine Legacy

The Complex Legacy of Super Mario Sunshine

The Complex Legacy of Super Mario Sunshine: One of the most controvertial games in the Mario series, why do people love and hate this game?
Mario Kart 9

Why Mario Kart 9 Won’t Be Coming For A While

Nintendo fans are clamoring for a new installment in the Mario Kart franchise, but they have to wait before seeing Mario Kart 9
2D Mario

What Nintendo Can Do With 2D Mario

Super Mario Bros is arguably the most important video game in history, from a legacy standpoint. Almost singlehandedly rescuing a dying industry, the famous plumber carried Nintendo and created...
Breath of the Wild 2

How Breath of the Wild 2 Can Keep Hyrule Interesting

Breath of the Wild 2 will be the third straight Zelda game to feature the current version of Hyrule, but developers can still add twists.
New Smash Bros Character

New Smash Bros Character to Be Announced at The Game Awards

Nintendo Of America has announced that there will be a new Smash Bros Character revealed during The Game Awards at 4 pm Pacific Time.  The character will be featured...
Age of Calamity Spoilers

Is Age of Calamity A Worthy Breath of the Wild Prequel? [SPOILERS]

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a great game, but is it worthy of sharing such a close connection with Breath of the Wild (SPOILERS)