Video Game Genres: Types of Games Explained

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Video games are one of the most diverse forms of entertainment in the world and have been for some time now. There are dozens of different video game genres out there with each developer taking their own unique every time they create a game. Some are more popular than others but one thing is clear, everyone will have their favourites. As such, this article will detail the different genres of games out there and what you can expect if you pick up any of their titles.

Casino Games

This is one of the most interesting archetype in gaming. It aims to take the real-life thrill of the casino and translate it into a digital medium. You can still bet real money which helps ramp up the adrenaline and the games are steadily getting more and more complex with each passing year.McCluck is one you could try if you wanted to dip your toes into this ever-growing genre of gaming.

The main kinds of games you’ll find here are slots and table games like poker/blackjack.


The sporting scene is one of the biggest and most lucrative in all of gaming. Sport is a huge part of everyday life with some athletes like Lionel Messi and Lebron James being some of the most recognisable names in the world, and the richest. The sporting game genre allows you to step into the shoes of some of the most incredible athletes in the world and play to your heart’s content

If you can think of a sport there is probably a game for it. Whether that is major titles like Madden NFL for Football, FIFA/EAFC for soccer, or NBA 2K for basketball that is really only scratching the surface of what is available in one of the most popular genres in the world. The game’s usually stay true to the content you see on the field with them becoming more and more realistic as technology continues to advance.


For the longest time RPGs and JRPGs were some of the most notorious in all of gaming. To this day games like Final Fantasy and Persona 3 are remembered as classics that should be played no matter how old you are. The content was always quite engaging which likely lead to its popularity.

Starting out from nothing and being tasked with growing your power to take on more and more powerful enemies is a simple gameplay loop but one that has been proven to work. The stories that can be told around this as your characters gain strength can be some of the most gripping in all of gaming which is why games like Persona 3 are so fondly remembered.

While there is some controversy around the term the term JRPG has gained quite a positive fanbase over the years. They are of course RPGs but they take a slant often associated with video games from Japan. There is a focus usually on turn-based combat, dialogue, more linear stories, and usually impressive art styles. Regardless of which type you like, there is sure to be an RPG or JRPG that appeals to you.


A genre where some could say you don’t do anything but simulation fans love the more hands-off style of game offered here. Instead of doing the dirty work this type of game lets you manage the dirty work or simulate the dirty work. This can make what could be a lengthy process a fun, addictive gameplay loop.

There are a few different styles these games come in as of now. There’s the much more detailed titles like Football Manager which allow you to control every aspect of managing a football club where you can play entire seasons in a day. On the other hand, there are games like Kairosoft titles where there’s a more hands-off and general experience where you get just enough control to keep you addicted but don’t overwhelm the player.

Even within the simulation genre, there are some very different titles with city-builders existing alongside sports sims, both are incredibly different but at their core, they are focused on a simulated style of play as opposed to a full-on experience.


These action-packed titles allow you to mow down enemies in a variety of settings. A lot of shooting games like to exaggerate the danger and allow you to take down rows of enemies with grandiose weapons while others are slightly more realistic and allow you to use more realistic guns to challenge your aiming skills.

Titles like Call of Duty lead the pack in this field as they allow you to play through a campaign mode following the story and slaying anyone who gets in your way. On the other hand, you can take on players from around the world and put your tactical skills to the test on top of your gunslinging abilities.


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