Tony Hawk’s Underground Should be Remade

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As 2024 begins, the trend of games being remade for next-generation consoles will surly contunie. Many franchises have seen success with remakes of one or more classic titles in the franchise. With this in mind. I have a title to through in the suggestion box. Tony Hawk’s Underground was originally released in 2003 and was a reinvention of the series. With it being the first story-driven game in the series, it has enough core material for a remake to play with.

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Why Tony Hawk’s Underground Should Be Remade 

The Groundwork is There 

The Tony Hawk series has already tested the waters of the remake market. Although the original Tony Hawk games were developed by Neversoft and published by Activision, Vicarious Visions stepped into the developer slot in 2020 for the release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2. This was likely due to Neversoft being acquired by Infinity Ward in 2014. The remake took the first two Pro Skater games and brought them to the PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/One XS, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Gamers enjoyed being able to play modernzed versions of classic levels with newly redesigned professional skaters.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2 was well-received by critics and gamers alike. The game also posted great sales numbers. It had the best launch in the history of the series posting 1 million units sold in the first two weeks of release. It posted the best franchise launch in the United Kingdom since Tony Hawk’s Underground was released.

There is an audience appetite for a well-made Tony Hawk remake as evidenced by the sales numbers. Underground was seen as a pivot in the core gameplay of the series. The mix of great sales and reviews of the original release of Underground and Pro Skater 1 + 2 would be a perfect recipe for a remake.

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It was the First Story-Driven Tony Hawk Game 

If another game in the Tony Hawk franchise is going to be remade Underground makes sense due to the core change in gameplay. Before the release of Underground, the games largely followed the same structure. Pro Skater 1-3 focused on two-minute runs in which gamers needed to complete enough goals to advance to the next level. Pro Skater 4 took away the time limit had focused a bit more on open-world gameplay. However, Underground was the first to have a complete storyline, allow gamers to get off a skateboard, the addition of vehicle elements, and much more.

It was the game that opened up the door for future franchise entries such as Underground 2, American Wasteland, Proving Ground, and more. If another game in the series is to be remade, this pivotal franchise title makes the most sense.

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Remakes Have Done Well Lately 

Outside of the Tony Hawk series plenty of gaming remakes have done well lately. The Resident Evil franchise has seen success with remakes of Resident Evil 2,3, and 4. Other titles that have seen success include Final Fantasy VII, Dead Space, and Spyro, among others.

Remakes are a trend in gaming right now and it would be good to strike while the iron is hot. The franchise has already seen success with a remake of two classics and Tony Hawk’s Underground would be a great remake both inside and outside of the Tony Hawk franchise.

Do you want to see a remake of Tony Hawk’s Underground? Sound off in the comments below. 

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