Artists That Game: Brittney Slayes: Unleash the Archers

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In the latest edition of Artists That Game, Brittney Slayes, vocalist for Unleash the Archers spoke to us about all things gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, touring, and more!

Brittney has been a gamer for nearly her entire life and shared her gaming journey, favorite franchises, and more. The entire interview can be found below.

Artists That Game: Brittney Slayes: Unleash the Archers

Brittney Slayes spoke about a variety of topics that can be found in the above video including.

  • Early memories and introduction to gaming
  • Re-releases of retro consoles
  • Early franchises she enjoyed playing
  • How she become a fan of Dungeons and Dragons
  • Her Dungeons and Dragons character
  • Later-generation games she enjoyed playing (Thank you to Unleash the Archers drummer Scott Buchanan for adding some games to the list)
  • Gaming/movie/comic book inspirations working their way into Unleash the Archers writing
  • How Twitch and Discord allowed them to stay connected with fans and other bands during the COVID-19 pandemic

Unleash the Archers recently played a headlining set at Mad With Power festival which is organized by Ty Christian. You can find Ty’s episode of Artists That Game here.

Thank you so much to Brittney for taking the time to talk to us and being part of the Artist That Game series. Would you like to see a certain guest be interviewed? Leave a comment below.

Stay Connected with Brittney and Unleash the Archers

You can keep up with Brittney Slayes and the rest of the band at the links below.

Header photo – Unleash the Archers. What Xbox 360 and PS3 games did you play? Leave your answers in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts!

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Dominic P (Editor)
Dominic P (Editor)
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