The Pay To Win Issue in Gaming

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Video Games are not what they once were. The days of playing solo are of course long behind us with the advent of the internet but some could argue that the rising trend of microtransactions and their impact on gameplay is just as bad. This rise of Pay to Win gaming is something of an issue that needs to be addressed.

There are some systems designed to use transactions to benefit the experience of the player and those aren’t as much of a problem. The Fortune Casino Sign-Up Bonus is designed to provide new users with an initial boost to their gaming experience. While the specific details of the bonus may vary over time, it typically includes a package of virtual credits or in-game currency that can be used to play various casino-style games on the platform.

Pay To Win Problem in Gaming

Ultimate Team

The biggest space where this has been evident is in the EA Sports fixture known as Ultimate Team. This is a great idea, pull together a team full of the best players in the world and take it to the very top.

Where the problem comes in is you can’t really compete at higher levels without spending genuine money. Grinding for packs is fine but could take the entire year before you put together a team capable of competing with the very best. The top players are either incredibly rare to get or cost millions of coins on the market.

This leads to a skill gap in team quality that some players just can’t overcome, it’s not really fair that a better player might lose out because they can’t sink enough money into the game to have a team full of the best cards.


2K has been toeing the line in recent years but their latest game has received a lot of blowback from the fanbase. The main career mode feels more predatory than ever with VC earnings from other mods being lowered to the point where you either ground for a long time to have a competent player, or you pay approximately 70 dollars extra to level up your character.

This wouldn’t be so bad but the game almost feels like it’s pushing you constantly to pay up as there’s consistent pressure on your player and cutscenes dedicated to how much you suck unless you’re an MVP quality player.

Putting my 60 overall character on a GOAT list is intentionally driving me to improve my overall so I can match up to some of the greatest names in the history of the sport, especially with badges being completely altered to make them tougher to get.

It’s not to say that you HAVE to pay to win and be good, it’s just that the game and its developers are pushing for you to sink extra money in to get the full benefits.

DLC/Battle Passes Etc.

This is a touchy one and not nearly as definitive as the first two headings. Some games release for free and then offer microtransactions for additional benefits, which is ok in my book. You have to make money and I understand that, so releasing a free game that then offers you the chance to spend money to improve isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Some games have taken these ideas and made them less fun, however. Looking at 2K they added a battle pass to their already pricey and microtransaction-riddled game which is just more greed in my eyes.


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