Top 5 Job Simulation Games

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Video games are an escape for many. They play games that take them to different worlds and scenarios allowing them to save the world, combat enemies, and anything in between. For others, it allows them to step into jobs they could never have themselves. For that reason, we will be running down the top 5 job simulation games on the market.

5 Best Job Simulation Games

Football Manager

While this may technically be stretching the meaning as this is more of a sports simulation game, it does allow anyone to become a manager in the competitive and wild world of football. Over the years these games have become some of the most detailed and realistic simulation games in the world. Where it stands out above the rest is the level of customisation on offer to make the job easier or harder depending on your skill level.

You can hire your backroom staff and allow them to run training, pick lineups, and make deals on your behalf or you can have a stranglehold on everything going on from the best player on the team to a newcomer in the academy. No list of job simulation games is complete without the industry leader.

Flight Simulation

Flying a plane seems like a thrill ride, but one that comes with a lot of difficulty. Actual pilots require years of training to command a vehicle and anything can go wrong at the drop of a hat. Given this massive barrier to entry, it comes as no surprise that people have turned to flight simulation games to satiate their thirst.

The Aviator game is a more interesting addition to this profession. It has a retro style with in-depth controls and graphics being left by the wayside in favor of thrilling gameplay. By betting you’re taking matters into your own hand to ensure you can get enough altitude to earn yourself some cash. It’s a different spin on an age-old genre but one that some player’s won’t be able to leave behind.

Cat Cafe Manager

Going from detailed and realistic simulators to one of the more quirky titles we’ve seen recently. Cat Cafe Manager allows you to run your own cat cafe in a new town. You can get to know the locals while improving your cafe and bringing in new breeds of cats, all with their own special effects.

This is a cute game with a fantastic sense of humor that both lets you explore the job and have all the quirky fun of a video game in one neat package.

Farming Simulator

Arguably the title that fully launched the job simulation genre, farming simulator continues to be one of the best of the best in the field. Farming based simulation games are nothing new but few were as dedicated to realism and details as the Farming Simulator games. They have been releasing regularly for years now, continuing to perfect their formula and bring players the best farm manager gameplay possible.

Bus Driver Simulator

If you’ve ever been interested in driving a bus then there IS a game for you. Not just any game though. Bus Driver Simulator has put in the effort to have different-feeling gameplay based on the style of bus you drive. If you want a leisurely but slightly challenging experience then this is definitely the one for you.


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