Analysts Predict Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Next Generation Consoles in 2021

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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have now been out for nearly three months but analysts predict Nintendo Switch will outsell next generation consoles in 2021.

Bold Forecast as Analysts Predict Nintendo Switch Will Outsell Next Generation in 2021

Nintendo Switch Still Selling Well

Since its launch in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has sold like hot cakes as gamers have clamoured to play the hybrid console that lets you play at home and on the move with one seamless ‘Switch.’

The global coronavirus pandemic has seen a huge growth in video gaming with many people stuck at home and with the launch of Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2020, Nintendo has had a great success with the Switch. It has been a remarkable turnaround for the Japanese gaming giant after the commercial failure of their previous home console the Wii U.

What Will 2021 Bring for Nintendo?

If certain gaming analysts are to be believed, 2021 is going to be another huge year for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch. The console was the best selling console of 2020, helped by the pandemic and also the fact that both the PS4 and Xbox One were preparing to be replaced by new beefed up next generation consoles.

That isn’t to say that Nintendo do not deserve this huge sales success. When Nintendo get their gaming concepts right they do it better than anyone else. Mat Piscatella believes that 2021 will be another huge year due to software releases with rumours of the sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild coming in 2021 and Zelda’s 25th anniversary leading to speculation of a number of re releases of Zelda classics similar to the Mario 35th anniversary collection that came out in 2020.

Serkan Toto of Kantan Games however believes that Nintendo’s path to outselling the next generation consoles is with the release in 2021 of the much rumoured Switch reboot coolly know as the ‘Switch Pro.’ Toto is confident that a sales refresh will happen and with new and improved software to boot.

The Last Word on Gaming View

Outselling the next generation of consoles in 2021 would undoubtedly be a massive achievement for Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch especially as it is approaching its 4th birthday in March.

To do so, I believe there are a number of factors at play. Firstly, much will depend on how much stock both Sony and Microsoft can get produced of their new consoles. With the pandemic making it difficult to get parts produced as well as slowing down distribution lines, this could give Nintendo an advantage in the early part of 2021 especially. Much will depend on where the world is with coronavirus come March and April.

Secondly is software. As it stands we know that Breath of the Wild 2 is in development but what we don’t know is whether that game will see a 2021 release or whether it will slip to holiday of 2022. Monster Hunter Rise is a huge title coming to Switch and there are rumours surrounding that game that it might coincide with a March release for the Switch Pro, should that come to pass.

Finally is the Switch Pro itself. Despite there being no confirmation from Nintendo that such a machine exists at all, the amount of rumours suggest that we can expect a new model in 2021 at some stage. But what will this be? Will it be another hybrid but with a screen delivering 1080p and a new dock that displays 4K on your TV? Will it simply be a new dock that delivers 4K on your TV and no new handheld device at all? Or will we see a ‘Switch Home’ which would be a home console that doesn’t actually ‘Switch’ at all but still co exists with the current Switch and Switch Lite models.

I believe that Nintendo will go for a new model with better graphics and 4K output but with full backward compatibility. Nintendo know that the DS model of regenerating a model works for them and with an install base of over 70 million, Nintendo are not going to be walking away from the Switch model and concept anytime soon.

Whether the Switch will outsell next generation consoles is a debate that will rage through the year and I do believe that it is achievable. Nintendo have a fair wind blowing them forward and as long as they have their first party games and enough ports to appease those who want them, Nintendo can make 2021 their own.

It will certainly be one hell of a great year for gamers, no matter which side of the argument you sit on and for all you gamers out there and us here at Last Word on Gaming, 2021 looks like being one that will have us playing the highest quality of games and that is what I call a win win situation!



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