LWOGaming Rant Ep 1 – Gaming on the Go

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LWOGaming rant Ep 1, Matt is talking about 5G coverage in the UK in particular and how it means gaming on the go is only true if you are lucky. If you need to rely on mobile coverage you are at the lap of the 5G Gods and it’s infuriating as you will see.

LWOGaming Rant Ep 1 – Gaming on the Go If You Are Lucky
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In the video Matt expresses frustration that Xbox Game Pass for example, can only really be played ‘on the go’ if you are lucky enough to have 5G working well in your location. In 2022 it’s pretty ridiculous that 5G is so hit and miss and quality so poor in so many places. If you want to game on the go then you should be able to access a strong and reliable signal. If I am in London then it’s all good, but here in Derbyshire – I’m in a rural area but not in the sticks – 4G is fine but 5G? I hold little hope of seeing it any time soon. The mobile infrastructure in England is way behind where it should be. Way behind.

Steam Deck

Valve’s new Steam Deck portable PC is a welcome addition to gaming and at least you can download Steam games to take on the go but even though Game Pass is now available, it’s still limited as you need that mobile or Wi-Fi reliability. For sure you can play on your sofa or in bed but portable is about taking games on the go. Somewhere other than the home. That’s what it means to me anyway. The issue around downloading games to take away that need for reliable online capability is going to be expensive but it can be done. Surely.

Nintendo Switch

I love my Switch and one of its greatest strengths is that you can fully game on the go. Its online services are still pretty naff as we know but at least you know you can take it with you with a few games downloaded or physical copies and know you can truly play anywhere, anytime. That ability is something Nintendo have excelled in for decades now. The PlayStation Vita should really have done better than it did commercially because it is one of the best handhelds I have ever owned and it can be done again.

The LWOGaming Rant Ep 1 – Give Gamers ‘Gaming on the Go’ Not ‘Nearly Gaming on the Go.’

In some ways, the pandemic meant gaming at home really excelled as we were all stuck inside for such a long period of time but now restrictions are lifting many of us are getting out and about much more and that means we want to take our games on the go with us. So why do we need to rely on a reliable mobile signal in 2022? Steam Deck will be revamped and renewed over the coming years and Valve are the closest right now to offer AAA gaming on the go aside from the Switch. It seems unlikely that either Microsoft or Sony will produce a handheld any time soon if at all so if we want to play Game Pass or PlayStation on the go, we are stuck with playing a game of wi-fi and mobile signal chance. Roll the dice and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you end up frustrated and angry and that’s why I feel the need to deliver my LWOGaming rant. Give me proper gaming on the go folks!

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Check Out The Rant" Read more »

Poor 5G in the UK is a huge issue and one that just does not seem to be being resolved. It’s hit and miss and that’s not acceptable in 2022. The big companies have enough profits and they have tools – now they need to provide.


I love a good rant! 5G is pretty crap here too so I feel your pain.

Check Out The Rant" Read more »

My connection is not great. I also don’t trust my battery life and the tole it takes on the battery itself.

Lo Furneaux, Editor

Finally some love for the PS Vita!

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Matt Jarvis
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