Apple Profits From Games They Had No Hand In Creating

Published on: contributor Alex Gatewood, via a piece written by The Wall Street Journal, is reporting that in 2019, Apple made $8.5 billion from the gaming industry. The issue is Apple didn’t develop nor create any games, but still managed higher profits than Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo combined. Apple profits from games they had nothing to do with. The App store allowed the company to receive 30% in profits from game developers; however, a current lawsuit with Epic Games has led to a judge ruling that what Apple was doing is illegal.

Apple Profits From Games and Gaming Developers In 2019

Fighting Back Against the Greedy Giant

Judge Yvonne Gonzales ruled that Apple’s attempt to force companies to use their payment method is illegal, which is a huge victory for the gaming industry. While it was decided Apple isn’t trying to monopolize, the fact that they are funneling developers into using their specific payment apps is a huge red flag. Allowing any company to get a foothold in this manner would sow the seeds for abuse of power and corporate greed. Apple by far is one of the most profitable companies in the world, even with some governments limiting children’s access to its online games. The need to take advantage of gaming developers adds another layer of filth that has plagued the industry for much of the last 20 years at least.

Do Governing Bodies Need To Make Themselves Heard?

The Chinese government just released a law to combat gaming addictions in minors by limiting the hours they can play. This is a prime example of a governing body outside the industry stepping in to create a solution. Obviously, this comes with risk as imposed laws by the Government can create resentment and a feeling of oppression due to choice being removed from the equation. However, are we to that point that the industry can no longer help itself without intervention? Has it gone too far down the rabbit hole of sexual misconduct and racial defamation? Many people may view China’s new law as another strict measure put out by a strong-handed government, but maybe it is finally time to get strong-handed about these problems.

Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

The last two years have been a stain on an industry that markets itself as family-friendly and for all ages. From sexual harassment to intimidation, to corruption, there really has been no better time for the industry to receive a fresh makeover. In response to the greedy hand of Apple, it is time to put some power back into the hands of developers. As seen in the Roblox scandal, corporations are willing to exploit them as long as it increases the bottom line. There has to be regulation from an outside party, even if it has to be the government so that the industry doesn’t keep being a runaway freight train. Sometimes something is so far gone that it needs an outside voice for a reboot, and these laws may be the start of something moving forward.



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