Kirby and the Forgotten Land Announced During Nintendo Switch Direct

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Earlier today, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct, showcasing primarily gaming news for the winter of 2021. There were many previously announced projects that were expanded upon, including Metroid Dread and Bayonetta 3. Additionally, viewers saw the announcement of projects that launched earlier today, including Chapter 2 of Deltarune and the Castlevania Advance Collection. When it comes to new projects that had the internet buzzing, few stood out like Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

The Pink Puffball’s First Traditional 3D Adventure

The opening video of the Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer opens with shots of a desolate area. Though it was colorful, it’s apparent that most, if not all, life in said area is absent. From there, the video cuts to Kirby, who wakes up on a sandy beach. Once he gathers his bearings, he takes in his new environment. This is where the video proper begins, showing Kirby and the Forgotten Land from a gameplay standpoint.

This is Kirby’s first-ever traditional 3D adventure, allowing him to move freely in different environments. He also has access to his various techniques, including the ability to fly and inhale enemies. The latter is especially important, as it’s his most iconic power. Kirby and the Forgotten Land retains his Copy Ability. The abilities shown in the trailer include Sword, Cutter, Needle, Fire, and Ice.

Furthermore, in addition to minor enemies, Kirby and the Forgotten Land features boss fights. In true series fashion, the latter are big, intimidating, though feature weak points for the player to attack. It’s unknown what else lies in store for Kirby. The game releases on Nintendo Switch in spring of 2022.

Last Word on Gaming Viewpoint

To say that this was a major announcement would be an understatement. From the character’s debut in the original Kirby’s Dream Land up until just recently, the pink puffball’s main adventures took place on a two-dimensional plane. Even though later entries would utilize 3D graphics, gameplay was restricted to a sidescrolling format. To see Kirby’s latest adventure be more free-roaming is nothing short of exciting, as it signifies an evolution of the beloved series.

It will also be interesting to see what series staples appear in Kirby’s latest adventure. Based on the trailer, enemies from previous games are present. This may open the possibility for other characters, such as Meta Knight and King Dedede, to appear in certain fashions. Expect to see more news about Kirby and the Forgotten Land en route to its release. Thus far, the outlook is as optimistic as the series protagonist himself.



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Robbie Sutter (Department Head)
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