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As 2022 comes to an end we look to the Game Awards live on December 8th. The show will celebrate all things gaming and usually brings along no shortage of announcements and trailers for the year to come. There are a total of 31 awards up for grabs this year. The biggest award of the night will be the coveted Game of the Year award.

This year has had no shortage of great releases. Six games were nominated for the award this year. Let’s run down the games that were nominated and predict who will come home with the biggest award in gaming.

There are minor spoilers for the below games and their prequels. Continue reading at your own risk 

Game of the Year 2022 Nominees 

A Plague Tale: Requiem

The third-person adventure survival horror game incorporates elements of action and stealth. The sequel to the 2019 release A Plague Tale: Innocence, A Plague Tale: Requiem picks up six months after the conclusion of Innocence. Set in Medevil France the game pits players against rats that are spreading the Black Plague as well as enemy soldiers.

Requiem has the chance to have a big night as it is also nominated for four other awards.

Elden Ring 

The latest game from FromSoftware gave gamers that are fans of The Souls series something to look forward to. The dark fantasy setting and difficulty that FromSoftware has become known for making its return in Elden Ring, as gamers step into the shoes of a tarnished on an epic quest to repair the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has been considered the most beginner-friendly game of the releases from FromSoftware. Including Game of the Year, Elden Ring is up for seven awards at the show.

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God of War Ragnarök

The adventures of Kratos and Atreus continue in the sequel to the 2018 reimagining of the God of War series. God of War Ragnarök picks up three years after the conclusion of the 2018 game. All nine realms from Norse mythology are explorable in the game.

Many of the combat elements are retained and expanded upon from the 2018 release as Kratos and Atreus emerge from Fimbulwinter and try to prevent the fabled Ragnarök. God of War is up for a total of 10 awards.

Horizon Forbidden West 

The sequel to the 2017 release has gamers step back into the role of Aloy after her defeat of HADES in the original game. Horizon Forbidden West sees Aloy attempting to restore a backup of GAIA. Her adventure takes her to brand new environments and has a heavier emphasis on underwater exploring than the predecessor.

The stealth and action-adventure elements of the first game return in the sequel as do the futuristic setting and enemies. Horizon Forbidden West has the chance to take home seven awards on December 8th.

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Stray was released earlier this year on PlayStation and PC. The game put the players in the paws of a stray cat who gets separated from its group of fellow cats. The cat falls into an underworld city and learns the history of the city on its journey to return to the surface.

The third-person adventure game has a story that evolves far beyond that of a stray cat trying to find its way back to the city. Stray could come home with six awards by the time the night is over.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Rounding out the nominees for this year is Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The open-world role-playing game was released on the Nintendo Switch in July of this year.

The sequel to both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 drops gamers into the world of Aionios which is the site of a constant battle. The battle is between the nations of Keves and Agnus. The game is up for a total of three awards including the biggest one of them all.

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Game of the Year 2022 Prediction

With its numerous award nominations and multiple awards already won, I predict Elden Ring takes home the biggest award of the night.

The game was praised for its exportability and was considered by many to be a great entry game to FromSoftware games. Elden Ring allows players to avoid difficult enemies until they have gained more experience, making it more friendly than other FromSoftware games. This combined with the replayability and impressive sales and popular Twitch following I believe Elden Ring will walk out with Game of the Year honors.

You can cast your vote for all 31 categories here. The award show can be streamed on multiple platforms. The entire list can be found here.

Who do you think takes home the biggest award of the night? Sound off in the comments below.

Header photo credit – The Game Awards

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