Gaming For The Weekend: Alto’s Odyssey

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It is time once more to take a look at gaming for the weekend and on this occasion we have chosen Alto’s Odyssey, an endless runner available on Apple Arcade.

Alto’s Odyssey – Gaming For The Weekend

It’s All Downhill

Gaming for the weekend looks at games that you can pick up and play and enjoy for a couple of hours from start to finish. The essence is fun as it always should be with video gaming.

Alto’s Odyssey is a follow up to their much enjoyed and well received Alto’s Adventure and if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The first thing that strikes me about the game are the atmospheric visuals that just glide effortlessly and look stunning. It really is a case of intricacy and sometimes less giving more.

You will take control of Alto or another character of your choosing and take to the sandboard. Yes, I said sandboard and it really is a thing! You will perform ticks, flips, jumps and grinds to earn points and progress further and further through the odyssey.


If I was to try and compare Alto’s Odyssey to another game then I would say think about Olli Olli. You need to time your jumps and land perfectly and the room for error is minimal so practice is key to success.

The movement of your character as you glide through the desserts is simply mesmerising and although I am tempted to tell you how it actually works, I am going to refrain simply because the whole fun of this game is learning all of its little tips and tricks.

It does take a little time to get used to the workings of the game but once you have picked that up you will love this gem of a game!


The one thing that makes a huge difference with this game is using a controller. I used my Xbox Series S controller and found it so much more fun than with the touchscreen controls although the touchscreen controls do work well if you do not have another controller you can use.

Gaming For The Weekend – Give Alto’s Odyssey a Try

If you are looking for something to provide some fun and a decent challenge for your gaming for the weekend, look no further than Alto’s Odyssey!

It looks great, it plays great and is very worthy of your attention!



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