Ranking the Best Kairosoft Games

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Kairosoft is one of my favourite mobile gaming studios. They’ve seen a big rise over the years from mobile app developers to porting their games to actual consoles. In this article, I will be taking a look at the best Kairosoft games and ranking them.

Be sure to check out their Steam page or pages on console to see what games are available to you.

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Top 5 Best Kairosoft Games Ranked

The Pyraplex

This pyramid builder is probably the best Kairosoft will ever get at the building design simulation style. Building the perfect pyramid means keeping a strong shape, keeping people happy, and pairing up good stores.

The devs have tried to recreate this style in other titles but it never fits the theme nearly as well as Pyraplex.

Venture Towns

There have been other Kairosoft city builders but none hit quite like this classic. Satisfy your citizens, collect resources, and build the town of their dreams in this charming Kairosoft spin on a classic simulation genre.

Pocket Academy 3

The Pocket Academy series is one of the finest ideas this studio has ever produced. The level of detail is second to none and the gameplay is really intuitive. You get the chance to build the best school possible, focusing on the areas you’d prefer, and eventually becoming an elite school.

Game Dev Story

This is a game that kickstarted an entire genre. Making video games has never been as good as in Game Dev Story. The pacing is excellent, the game is easy to understand, the rewards are plentiful, and the complexity is just tricky enough to make this a game worth playing and replaying over and over again. No ranking of the best Kairosoft games is complete without this one.

Grand Prix Story

Even as someone who isn’t a big fan of motorsports I found Grand Prix Story to be one of the finest Kairosoft experiences. It scales really well and progressing through the game feels very quick and easy compared to some other titles. Maxxing out the car was something I could do with a bit of strong planning and that, coupled with the fun races, kept me playing for a long time.

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That is all for this Best Kairosoft games ranking. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Kairosoft content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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