Mobile gaming gets a bad reputation a lot of the time.  What was first a fun time-wasting activity dominated by games like Angry Birds is now a genre filled with repetitive one-note games filled with advertisements that are more annoying and tedious than fun.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some diamonds in the rough when it comes to mobile gaming and one such developer that has continued to knock it out of the park is Kairosoft.

Kairosoft: The Kings of Mobile Gaming

Kairosoft has made a vast array of simulation games ranging from running an arcade, to managing a baseball team, to running a school, to building a town of superheroes, and pretty much everything in between.  If there is a thing you like then chances are Kairosoft has a game to appeal to you.  They’re always done in Kairosoft’s signature retro art style and focus on the player making the best decisions possible to make the best team or mall possible.

The simplicity is what keeps you coming back, whether you’re an avid fan of motorsports or barely know what a Ferrari is you can jump in and play their Grand Prix Story games and run a successful racing team.  That simplicity carries over to every game and makes each one accessible to new fans or old.

What sets Kairosoft apart from most mobile developers is the added bonus of replayability.  You can carry over certain things you unlocked to new playthroughs to give you an added advantage from the jump and allow you to make climb the ranks faster and aim for a higher score.  The option is also there to not start over and continue playing a save for as long as you want to unlock everything over time and become as overpowered as the RYNO in Ratchet & Clank.

Not all of Kairosoft’s games are free but they guarantee hours upon hours of fun that make them worth the price.  Take the plunge today to play and support one of the best developers in the field of mobile gaming.


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