WWE 2K22 Celebrates Launch Day

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The newest installment of the WWE game franchise, WWE 2K22 has arrived, bringing with it new game modes, a redesigned engine, and more. Fans of the franchise have a lot to look forward to – here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

All-New Game Modes in WWE 2K22

As well as improved graphics, accessible controls, and immersive camera angles, there are some new game modes to try. These include:

  • MyGM – players can select one of five GMs or create their own. They’ll have to manage budgets, draft a roster, choose match types and locations, and play with production elements to beat a rival GM, with a final at WrestleMania
  • 2K Showcase Starring Ray Mysterio – enjoy playing through the most iconic matches of Mysterio’s 20-year WWE career, with interviews from Mysterio for each match, and a seamless transition from actual gameplay into live-action footage
  • MyFACTION – a single-player mode, where players can collect, manage, and upgrade WWE Superstars and Legends to create four-player factions
  • MyRISE – players can climb the ranks from Rookie to Superstar, with men’s and women’s division storylines to play
  • Creation Suite – with cross-platform community creations, a ‘Featured Creator’ section, and a Create a Superstar wizard, the creation suite has had an upgrade
  • Universe – this mode allows players to customize everything, from brands to live events to rivalries and more. Universe includes Classic and Superstar sub-modes, with the player able to control the smallest details.

WWE 2K22 Pre-Orders and Editions

There are 4 editions of the game available:

  • Standard Edition – available on previous-gen platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC) and current-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X|S)
  • Cross-Gen Bundle – includes digital Standard Edition and the Starrcade ’96 Rey Mysterio pack across previous and current-gen (within the same PS/Xbox consoles)
  • Deluxe Edition – available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|S (physical and digital) and PC (digital only), this includes the Standard Edition plus the Undertaker Immortal Pack, a season pass to all 5 post-launch DLC content packs, the MyRISE Mega-Boost and SuperCharger packs, and limited-edition WWE SuperCard Content (physical copies only)
  • The nWo 4-Life Digital Edition – for PS5, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, this includes the Standard Edition, all the content included in the Deluxe Edition, plus MyFACTION EVO Cards and bonus characters and attires

Players who pre-ordered the game will also enjoy some bonuses, including MyFACTION EVO Cards.

A Diverse Soundtrack

Players can enjoy the soundtrack, curated by Executive Soundtrack Producer Machine Gun Kelly (who will be available as a playable character in a future content pack).

There’s a lot to look forward to here: check out the Twitter account for 2K22 for updates and news.

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Will you be picking up WWE 2K22?

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