Nintendo Switch Shortage

Nintendo revealed during a recent financial results briefing that they may not be able to keep up with the demand for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Nintendo Switch Shortage Expected

Shortage of Semiconductors to Blame

The expected issue is due to a global shortage on the supply of semiconductors which are used in pretty much every computing device.  Despite this shortage, Nintendo still forecasts they will sell 25.5 million units even if there does end up being a Nintendo Switch shortage.

Last Word On Gaming Viewpoint – Shortages Will Come as Little Surprise

This certainly sounds bad on the surface as many gamers, myself included, have been dealing with the unbelievable shortage of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.  But Nintendo is still projecting they can sell over 25 million Switch units in this financial year, barring a huge surge in demand for the console in its fifth year of release they should be able to keep up with the demand of the white-hot console that has launched Nintendo back into the top echelon of gaming.

What this could have an effect on is the rumored Switch Pro.  The semiconductor shortage has already caused Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to worry about their production capabilities, a shortage of this component would no doubt hurt the release of the Switch Pro in much the same way production shortages have hurt the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

This will definitely be a story to keep an eye on as the shortage of one key component could have the gaming world at a standstill and lead to a Nintendo Switch shortage or even a shortage of a brand new Switch pro. However, at this moment in time there seems to be no need to worry and no need to go and panic buy a Nintendo Switch before they’re all gone as Nintendo is still forecasting a big year for the console.


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