Homeworld 3 Achievements Guide

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This Homeworld 3 Achievements guide will detail how to 100% the title on Steam for all the completionists out there. Homeworld 3 is a major new release that has received a very mixed reception on Steam despite the hype around it.

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Homeworld 3 Achievements Walkthrough

  • The Unbound – Research ship upgrade
  • If you’ll be my bodyguard – Order a ship to guard another ship
  • Stay in Formation – Set a command group to assume a new formation
  • We are Away – Put the Khar-Kushan through its paces
  • A Helluva Ship – Integrated the production facility in the mothership
  • Bug Swatter – Eliminate 200 enemystrikecrafts
  • Warriors of the Fringe – Defeat the Kalan Raider Carrier
  • Fix-It Frigate – Fully repair 50 ships with Support Frigates
  • One Step too Close – Encounter a new, mysterious enemy
  • Hostile Takeover – Capture an enemy ship
  • Untouchable – Complete 5 missions without letting the mothership get hit
  • A Dark Cloud Gathers – Uncover enemy’s identity
  • Chapel Perilous – Survive the Asteroid Storm
  • That was One in a million! – Land the final shot to destroy a Capital Ship with a fleet bomber ship
  • Grand Armada – Build 500 ships
  • Prepare to Shipbreak – Ward off enemies during core repairs
  • Kablammo – Blow up 5 ships with one explosion
  • Open the Way – Disable the Citadel
  • As They have Hunted Us – Defeat the warsage
  • Big Game Hunter – Destroy 50 enemy capital ships
  • Into the Glacier – Navigate the icy crevasse
  • That belongs in a Museum! – Collect an artifact during a war games session
  • The Sajuuk-Kaar – Reunite with Khar-Sajuuk
  • The Great Cannon – Unlock the mothership’s Fusion Missile
  • Ghosts of the Desert – Enter the Ice Shelf without the mothership being detected
  • The Time of the Prophecy – Witness the enemy using a Hyperspace Tunnel
  • This War is Over – Defeat Incarnate Titan
  • A Path Across the Galaxy – In campaign mode, have a ship built in Facility 315 (other than the Mothership) survive until the end
  • Captain – Complete campaign on easy
  • Admiral – Complete campaign on medium
  • Shall we Play a Game? – Successfully complete a war games session
  • Not Today, Singularity – Win a Skirmish against 3 AI opponents
  • Nothing short of Miraculous – Eliminate the Incarnate reinforcement fleet
  • Destruct Sequence Alpha-One – Scuttle one of your own ships
  • Navigator – Complete campaign on hard

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That is all for this Homeworld 3 Achievements guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Homeworld 3 content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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