Dread Delusion Achievements Guide

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This Dread Delusion achievements guide will detail how to 100% the game on Steam. Dread Delusion is an open world RPG that has been received very positively over on Steam since its release. It had previously been in early access but has made the jump to full release successfully.

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Dread Delusion Achievements Walkthrough

  • Retake the Blinding Light – Reclaim the Blinding Light fortress
  • Delve into Delusion – Embrace your first delusion
  • DAMN Fine Tea – Serve Inquisitor Ignavius tea
  • Make your Mark – Mark your first map landmark
  • True North – Use a compass
  • No Going Back – In Pwyll’s Sacred Shroom, make a decision that will damn the region
  • Settle the Sellswords – Resolve the issue of Pwyll’s misbehaving mercenaries
  • Shame of the Union Navy – Recruit Jack Basalt
  • Better than Rags – Upgrade any clothing
  • Lotions and Potions – Conduct an alchemy experiment for the first time
  • Not so Rust – Upgrade any weapon
  • You can’t handle the truth – Have the truth revealed
  • Academic Achievement – Gain access to the hallowed halls of Erudite Academy
  • How Long will you be staying? – Spend 10 days in Oneiric Isles
  • Have you got a license for that god? – Resolve the issue of the illegal god
  • The Price is Paid – In Pwyll’s Sacred Shroom ensure the region’s harvest is bountiful (i.e pay the price for this choice)
  • To the Manor Born – Purchase Thornwood Manor
  • Suddenly I see – Use a scope
  • Alchemical Aptitude – Make a Veritable Elixir
  • All Dressed Up – Fully upgrade a single piece of clothing
  • If these walls could talk – Uncover the secret of Hallowshire’s castle
  • A Rightful Owner – Help Vernon Berwig find his artifact
  • Over the Limit – Have one too many
  • Fighting the God Fight – Help the union defeat the god-worshiping cell in Hallowshite
  • Master Cartographer – Record every landmark on your map
  • No Room in Hell – Summon a Skeletal Minion
  • Iron Will – Reach endgame without using the services of a certain god
  • The Well-tempered blade – Fully upgrade any weapon
  • Old Soldiers Never Die – Help Drangorg lay his past to rest
  • Last Seen – Solve the Mystery of the missing child
  • Is Something Ticking? – Gain access to the Clockwork Kingdom
  • The only way to Travel – Reestablish the network of portals
  • Worm Food – Assist a Catacomb Wyrm
  • Food for Thought – Resolve Pertinent Thaw’s issue
  • A corner of the Kingdom – Get a house in the Clockwork Kingdom
  • A forever home – Buy a house in Sepulchre
  •  Panoply of the Ancients – Wear a restored suit of Emberian Armour
  • Cartographer – Complete the map of the Oneiric Isles
  • Delusion’s Embrace – Embrace 20 Delusions
  • Unforgiven – Betray the High Confessor
  • In The Name of the High Confessor – Do the High Confessor’s dirty work
  • A history lesson – Learn the history of the Dark Stars from the ghosts
  • The Clock Stops – Side with the saboteur in the Clockwork Kingdom
  • Like Clockwork – Help Aphra achieve her dream
  • The End of the Endless – Help the Entombed One achieve their goal
  • Endless Evermore -Help the Queen of Silver banish the Entombed One
  • The Old Ways – Help Paeguth spread influence in Hallowshire
  • We are Our Only Saviours – Banish the Angel
  • Nothing Will be the same – Merge with the Angel
  • There is Another Way – Convince Vela Callose to stand down
  • A legendary clash – Beat Vela Callose
  • To the Cradle – Leave for your final mission
  • Aye-Aye, Sky Captain! – Obtain an airship
  • This changes everything – Learn what slumbers in the cradle
  • Welcome to the Underlands – Set foot on the world’s strange surface
  • Caxton Signs on – Recruit Caxton Frost
  • My last Duchess – Recruit the Duchess grim scion
  • Before Your Time – Recruit the mysterious warrior in Embarian Armour

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That is all for this Dread Delusion Achievements Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Dread Delusion content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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