Balatro Achievements Guide

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This Balatro Achievements guide will detail how to complete the title fully. This is for the completionists out there who are hoping to 100% the game. Balatro has been a huge hit since releasing with Steam responses being overwhelmingly positive.

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Balatro Achievements Walkthrough

  • Completionist ++ – Obtain a gold sticker on every Joker
  • Completionist + – Win with every deck on gold stake difficulty
  • Rule Breaker – Complete every challenge run
  • Completionist – Discover 100% of the collection
  • Extreme Couponer – Find every voucher
  • Flushed – Play a flush with 5 wild cards
  • Tiny Hands – Thin your deck down to 20 or less cards
  • High Stakes – Win a run with at least a gold stake
  • Shattered – Break 2 glass cards with a single hand
  • Big Hands – Have 80 or more cards in deck
  • Nest Egg – Have $400 or more in a single run
  • 100,000k – Score 100 million chips with a single hand
  • ROI – Buy 5 vouchers by the end of Ante 4
  • Rule Bender – Complete a challenge run
  • Speedrunner – Win a run in 12 or less rounds
  • Astronomy – Discover every planet card
  • Mid Stakes – Win a run on Black Stake difficulty or higher
  • Clairvoyance – Discover every Spectral card
  • You get what you want – Win a run without rerolling in the shop
  • Low Stakes – Win a run on red stakes difficulty at least
  • 1,000k – Score 1 million chips with a single hand
  • Card Discarder – Discard at least 2500 cards
  • Legendary – Discover legendary joker
  • Card Player – Play at least 2,500 cards
  • Cartomancy – Discover every tarot card
  • Retrograde – Get any poker hand to level 10
  • Royale – Play a Royal Flush
  • Heads Up – Win a Run
  • Ante Upper – Reach Ante 8
  • 10k – Score 100,00 chips with a single hand
  • Ante Up! – Reach Ante 4

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That is all for this Balatro Achievements guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other Balatro content you’d like to see? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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