My Time At Sandrock Content Update Out Now for Xbox and PlayStation Brings Babies, Dungeons and More

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It’s Baby Time in My Time At Sandrock! Massive Update Now Live for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 versions adding New Side Quests, Parenting, Wedding Features and more!

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Since launching last month, Pathea has been improving all aspects of their acclaimed life sim My Time At Sandrock (the sequel to the multi-million-selling My Time at Portia). Today they have deployed their first content update for Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 versions which includes over 380 fixes and improvements to the game, as well as new features which are summarised below:

  • Added ability for players to have children with NPCs and raise children from baby to adolescence and beyond
  • NPC Outfitting and New Cosmetics
  • New Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins dungeon to conquer
  • Dozens of new sidequests for NPC characters Fang, Logan, Nia, Qi, Grace, Amirah, Owen, Ernest, Catori, Jane, Unsuur, Pablo, Venti, Burgess, and Elsie
  • Post-wedding quests for players to complete
  • New Wardrobe function for players to more easily change outfits
  • New Sandpit for Museum

To read more details about today’s PS5 and Xbox update, please check the full patch notes here:

This update is in line with Pathea’s and PM Studios’ commitment to keep the console and PC versions of My Time At Sandrock as closely aligned as possible in terms of content. To see the development timeline for all platforms, check out this link here: Development Timeline via

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More new game features and locations will launch throughout the whole of 2024, including co-op multiplayer functionality (coming to consoles Summer 2024) and the ‘New Year, Better Me’ content (available on PC today and coming to consoles January).


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