Unhinged Studios Launches Demo for Humorously Bleak Narrative Deckbuilder dev_hell

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Take a deep breath and brew that third cup of complimentary coffee, as today Unhinged Studios launches the demo for its satirical narrative roguelike deckbuilder, dev_hell. The final interview round is here, and soon players can relax and enjoy the benefits of landing the job of their dreams… Even with the brief glimpse offered through the interview process though, something feels slightly off about this company. It could be nothing… besides, the benefits are way too good to pass up. How bad could it actually be?

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dev_hell Demo Now Available

Congratulations! You are officially invited to final-round interviews for the job of your dreams! We were impressed by your submissive nature superb ability to navigate tough questions, and believe you would be a great fit for our team.

During these last steps, we will discuss your work experience, skills, and qualifications in-depth and provide you with more information about both the position and our company. There will also be a demo available to test your practical application skills, which we will be monitoring very closely. No pressure!

Remember to join the Company Discord to keep up with the social goings-on of your potential future family!

In such a highly competitive job market, we recognize how extremely grateful you must be for this opportunity. We searched for candidates who are not only skilled but passionate, adaptable, and unconditionally committed to making the company’s greater vision a reality. We expect nothing but the best from you and are confident that you will deliver nothing less than perfect results!
We will be watching 🙂

More on dev_hell

Launching on PC via Steam in 2024, players will attempt to meet unrealistic expectations, complete code for ill-defined features, and navigate working for a company that pushes the good-natured and not at all malicious idea that it’s “reshaping the future.”

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Embark on a journey as a freshly recruited software developer who has secured a position at a groundbreaking tech startup with ambitions to revolutionize the world. The question is: Is the change for the better? Unsurprisingly, this company seems like it might be hiding something sinister beneath the veneer of motivational posters and free coffee mugs. Who is this mysterious client, and why do some of the commissioned applications seem so…insidious? Well, never mind — software developers are expected to code, so code they shall.

Don’t. Question. It.


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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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