Sci-Fi City Builder ‘Imagine Earth’ Releases on Switch and PlayStation on May 9

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Indie game developer Serious Bros. is delighted to announce that its ecological sci-fi city builder Imagine Earth will be released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles on May 9, 2024. Already available on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles, Imagine Earth’s combination of laidback strategy gameplay and sustainability themes has earned it critical acclaim and multiple awards.

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Imagine Earth Release Date Announced for Multiple Platforms

As part of Steam’s Earth Appreciation Festival, from April 22 to April 29,  Imagine Earth will be on sale for 30% off. Serious Bros. will donate 100% of proceeds to reforestation around the globe on Earth Day and 10% for the remainder of the festival. This continues the company’s support of sustainability and environmental protection efforts, detailed in a yearly impact report.

Set in the not-so-distant future of 2084, Imagine Earth envisions a universe where the player, as a space colony manager, must head out into the cosmos to establish a new home for humans. After corporate greed and resource exploitation led their home planet to ruin, players will explore a variety of (initially) healthy planets throughout space, aiming to raise and grow great cities in a more sustainable way.

In the story-based campaign and competition game modes, Imagine Earth players can build up their civilizations on eleven diverse planets, with terrain dotted with rich blue waters, snow-capped peaks, and lush green expanses, all ready to be explored, populated, and mined for resources.

Trade natural goods and resources with space traders for profit and satisfy the capitalist quest for expansion by building power plants, farms, and factories to keep both corporations and civilians happy. Turn technological and monetary gains into research and discover how to advance society in a sustainable way. Do it all while fending off the economic competition as battles for corporate dominance break out on discovered planets, forcing players to sell shares, outsize opponents, and perform hostile takeovers of competing colonies.

Corporate greed isn’t the only threat players face in Imagine Earth, though, as failure to balance expansion and ecology could result in climate disaster. With real-time planetary simulation, players can see the consequences of their own exploitative actions, as natural disasters — including wildfires, volcanoes, dying forests, radioactive contamination, pollution, and rising sea levels — see less sustainable civilizations (literally) go under, and citizens rallying and rioting against poor living conditions.

Key Gameplay Features of Imagine Earth:

  • Go Beyond: Complete the multi-mission story and embark on fresh space colony adventures, including a competition mode against up to five AI factions and a freeform mode with procedurally generated planets
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: Face a range of ecological challenges, from chemical spills and oil slicks to melting polar ice caps and terribly destructive natural disasters caused by the player’s planetary exploitation
  • Space Invaders and Traders: Make friends with cooperative colonies and alien tribes inhabiting some discovered planets and fend off hostile alien invaders using shields and lasers in tower defense gameplay as they try to wipe puny human colonies off of the map
  • Sustainability Among the Stars: Successfully fight corporate greed and civilian demand for growth and resources by researching new technology and maintaining a healthy ecosystem to become a sustainable civilization


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