Anticipated Cozy Time Manager Pixel Cafe Is Available Now for Consoles and Steam

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Order up! Baltoro Games is dishing out their highly anticipated cozy time management sim, Pixel Cafe, available now on PC and consoles!

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Pixel Cafe Out Now

Meet Pixel, a small-town barista with a big story to share. Living in her grandparent’s home in Karstok, Pixel works in diners across the city, serving specialty drinks and meals to her happy customers. Each cafe across Karstok provides a different ambiance, different recipes, and different employers; as Pixel spends more time behind the counter, she begins to better understand the place she calls home.

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Experience Pixel Cafe’s eclectic diner scene and use your earnings to upgrade your space. Access your weekly schedule so you never miss a shift at Pixel Cafe’s ten unique restaurants, each with a new management team and specialty dishes! Once it’s time to clock out, spend time unwinding after your workday by purchasing furniture for your new house and creating your dream home! Ready to turn up the heat? Test your culinary expertise in any of the game’s 50 Nightmarish levels; from beginner baristas to super-human sous chefs, Pixel Cafe serves something for everyone!

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As you interact with new coworkers and bosses, guide Pixel toward understanding her family’s history in Karstok and the narrative that led to the life she enjoys today. Whether at the diner or at home, details of Pixel’s story await your discovery. An original soundtrack by Polish composer Arkadiusz Reikowski sets the scene for this cozy narrative that unfolds one cup at a time!

Pixel Cafe Features

  • Something for everyone: Casual time management mechanics transform into intense arcade challenges, testing even the most experienced baristas.
  • A blast from the past: Pixel graphics evoke a retro feel, while modern management sim mechanics provide accessible and entertaining gameplay.
  •  Take a break: Significant narrative beats and an interactive home design function offer a break from the bustle of restaurant life.
  • Room to grow: Ready to set off? Complete tasks at your current diner to unlock the next, interacting with new characters and blazing your trail along the way.
  • It’s in the details: Pair your journey with an original soundtrack by renowned composer Arkadiusz Reikowski!


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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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