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This Sea of Stars Achievement Guide and Trophy Guide will detail how to accomplish all of the extra achievements/trophies for those playing on both Xbox and PlayStation (not to forget Steam). It appears as though all 42 of the achievements are matched by trophies so there shouldn’t be any huge variance regardless of which console you’re using.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Sea of Stars Achievement Guide (Xbox) & Trophy Guide (PS)

  1. Boss Slugged – Defeat Forbidden Cavern’s Boss
  2. No, Wait! – Get sent to Sleeper Island
  3. Stretch Quest – Defeat Chromatic Apparition
  4. Now give me that! – Defeat Romaya
  5. Dweller of Woe – Defeat the Dweller of Woe
  6. Who would have thought? – Learn Captain Klee-shae’s true identity
  7. Yo, Ho! – Defeat stormcaller
  8. Home – Build your own town
  9. Solstice Power – Find the Solstice Amulet
  10. Dweller of Torment – Defeat the Dweller of Torment
  11. Detritus Fallen – Defeat the Leaf Monster
  12. And stay down, too! – Defeat the acolytes
  13. Dweller of Strife – Fight the Dweller of Strife
  14. Fight fire with Lunar – Dfeeat the Toadcano
  15. The warrior cook – Attend the ceremony
  16. Who would have thought? Part 2 – Learn Serai’s true identity
  17. Chin up! – Defeat Meduso
  18. Featherweight – Defeat the triumvirate of eminence
  19. Enter the Artificer – Meet Arty
  20. Dweller of Dread – Defeat Dweller of Dread
  21. Lieupedant – Defeat Elysan’darelle
  22. Clockwork Champion – Defeat the watchmaker in a game of wheels
  23. Wholesome Food – Have dinner at the golden pelican
  24. Better off dead – Defeat the Gun Goddess
  25. Hey, That’s a reskin! – Defeat the sea slug
  26. Elder Dissed – Defeat the Elder Mist for the second time
  27. Glassdiator – Defeat Croustalion
  28. Free from Serviduke – Free Duke Aventry’s Soul
  29. Home Neat Home – Build a Spa, an Inn, a Shop and a Fishing Hut in Mirt
    1. Jirard the Constructionist is required to complete this
    2. You need a total of 84 conchs to build all four
    3. Some players have noted that this won’t unlock until you recruit people to run all four.
    4. Inn – Edgar from Lucent
    5. Shop – Woman and child from Ducarri Lake
    6. Fishing Hut – Man from Inn in Mooncradle
    7. Spa – bathing mole in Stonemason Outpost
  30. Conch Master – Bring all conches to Mirna in Docarri Village
  31. Master Angler – Catch ever fish species at least once
    1. Fishing Spots: Sunglow Lake, Windy Loch, Lavish Lake, Haunted Creek x2. Settler’s Rest, Sulfuric Basin, Watcher’s Pond, Lake Turquoise, Skybound Lagoon, Cerulean Reservoir
    2. There are 23 types of fish to catch which CAN be tracked later in the game
  32. Living Encyclopedia – Achieve pro rank in every single quiz pack (guide linked above)
  33. New Garl+ – Fulfill the Ultimate Wish
  34. No God of Mine – Defeat the Fleshmancer
  35. Bounce – Bounce a Moonerang 25 times in a row
  36. Lock’s Myth – Break a total of 50 locks in battle
  37. What a technique! – Defeat 10 bosses with Artful Gambit relic on
  38. Gustative Completion – Cook Every Recipe at least once
    1. There are 26 different recipes to make
  39. To the Teeth – Unlock all combos
  40. Well read (to) – Listen to all of the campfire stories
  41. Measure Hunter – Find every single treasure
  42. Me Day – Use the spa in Mirth with all 6 playable characters

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That is all for this Sea of Stars achievement guide or the Sea of Stars Trophy Guide. Did we omit anything? Is there any other content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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