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This Sea of Stars Quiz master answers guide aims to list all possible answers to the Quiz Master’s quiz. This will include the questions and answers for each of the game’s packs.

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*Note: The content in this article is accurate as of the time of writing and does not account for any future updates to the game*

Sea of Stars Quiz Master Answers – All Packs Questions and Answers

Pack 1

  • Zenith Academy’s Training Golem – Wyrd
  • Valere’s birthday – Winter Solstice
  • True or False: Rochevres can be found in the Forbidden Cavern – False
  • What is the name of the secluded village – Mooncradle
  • Facing an enemy with two blunt locks and two sword locks. Which combo move gets you out of this situation – Solstice Strike
  • True or False: Boosting regenerates MP – False
  • Use magic without Magic is to do what – Use Live Mana to Boost
  • How much MP does Zale’s sunball cost – 8
  • How much MP is recovered from a regular attack – 3
  • What is the name of the spiritual being found at the top of the Mountain Trail – Elder Mist

Pack 2

  • True or False: The Molekin from Stonemason’s Outpost are descended from a long line of elemental mages – True
  • True or False: Those travelling by Yeet Ball land on Sleeper Island after being caught by X’tol – True
  • How many red berries to make one portion of Berry Jam – 5
  • Which one is NOT present in Moorlands – Drillbat
  • What is the name of the raft the pirates used to sail across the Shallowmire – The Oakum Skiff
  • Enchanted Currency that can control the undead – Coin of Undead Accord
  • What did Malkmoud name his pet salamander – Rockie
  • Which one is NOT found on Sleeper Island – The first stage of grief
  • Yolande, Valtraid, and Keenathan are part of who’s pirate crew – Captain Klee’shae
  • In the stonemasons outpost, the Molekin are taking care of the wind tunnels so they can keep fulfilling what function – Play Music

Pack 3

  • What does Gulgul do when escaping battle – Strike a pose in a puff of smoke
  • In the cursed woods, what is the name of the enemy that has to be destroyed to remove the vines – Boulbe
  • True or False: Duke Aventry was resurrected from his ashes – True
  • Which of these skills costs Serai 9 MP – Phase Shiv
  • What is the apple replaced by – Half a Sandwich
  • What is the name of the tool used to propel to stakes and climbable surfaces – Graplou
  • True or False: The first stage of grief was named so because the people of Lucent like to gather in mindful acceptance of their situation – False
  • What is that dweller’s name – Dweller of Woe
  • What are the sorcerer type enemies that can be found in the Necromancer’s lair – Mermofwizard
  • How much gold would they need – 80

Pack 4

  • Which one can NOT be fished on Sleeper Island – Ghostsurgeon
  • How many heroes is each player allowed – 2
  • How much MP does Valere’s Lunar Shield cost – 11
  • True or False: previous captain of The Vespertine was called Stormcaller – True
  • True or False: Captain Klee’shae acquired The Vespertine by spending a coin of Undead Accord – False
  • How many potatoes to make one portion of Hearty Stew – 3
  • Name the spirit who inhabits the crypt – Crypwalker
  • When Garl gave the new town a name what did he pick – Mirth
  • Hortence the Ghost Navigator can use which instrument – Octave Mandolin
  • What is the title of the Hydralion – Ruler of Tides

Pack 5

  • What is the little girl in Docarri Village collecting – Rainbow Conches
  • True or False: The oracle of Tides’ duty is to control the flow of water – False
  • What caused the eclipse in the first place – The Solstice Amulet
  • What did the solstice Warriors do as they left – Sealed it Twice
  • Which of these appears in Jungle Path – Prapra
  • Where must one go to bathe their seashell – Sacred Grove
  • True or False: Serai’s Venom Flurry and Valere’s Moonerang have the same MP cost – False
  • Who built the giant statue that gave Watcher Island its name – The Fleshmancer
  • What is the name of the big frog enemy with throwing stars – Garnooy
  • What does Resh’an ask Zale and Valere to retrieve for him – The Vial of Time

Pack 6

  • True or False: Of the three sisters, Yomara is the evil one – False
  • What relic increases party Max HP – Amulet of Storytelling
  • If presented with a lock sequence of Poison, sword, sword, arcane. What pair could remove them all – Resh’an and Zale
  • Which one will cause enemy displacement – Abeyance
  • True or False: Glacial Peak is on Mesa Island – True
  • What is Resh’an’s healing potion – Petrichor
  • How much energy is generated by matching five squares in wheels – 3
  • Complete the following – Roots and Leaves
  • Of the following species which can’t be found on Mesa Island – Fluorescent Piranha

Pack 7

  • What is the haute cuisine restaurant in Port Town of Brisk – The Golden Pelican
  • Whan name did Garl give the Sky Serpent formerly known as The Sleeper – Wentworth
  • How many sky giants are there – 5
  • Of these ingredients, which is NOT part of the recipe for Parfait – Peach
  • True or False: The cloud kingdom is ruled by a King and Queen – False
  • What is Big Buggy’s special attack called – Tectonics
  • What is the name of the lava monster guarding Klin Mountain – Toadcano
  • What trinket gives 10% bonus damage versus undead targets – Shimmering Shard
  • True or False: Only two enemies in Air Elemental Skyland are Sling Rabbit and Braidzard – True
  • Who taught Zale the Dash Strike – Duke Aventry

Pack 8

  • What entity is in charge of granting access to the Sea of Stars – The Sky Giants Council
  • True or False: The monstrosity found in the Fleshmancer’s Workshop has more than four tentacles – False
  • Who invented Wheels – The Watchmaker
  • Which one costs the least MP – Disorient
  • True or False: Serai’s computer companion is Cedrick – False
  • Which enemy does NOT appear in Derelict Factory – Ronin Cowboy
  • What is Resh’an and Serai’s combo attack – Arcane Barrage
  • What is Serai’s village – Repine
  • Which can NOT be fished in Cerulean Island – Rock Shrimp
  • How many fish are required to make one portion of Sashimi – 9

Pack 9

  • Which is NOT for sale in the Sky Base vending machine – Wireplate Armor
  • In Sky base’s final area which of these elements is NOT present – Window
  • True or False: Serai and her people were turned into cyborgs by The Catalyst – True
  • Why did Serai leave her home – To find Solstice warriors
  • What is the name of the Dweller of Dread’s ultimate attack – Dreadstare
  • True or False: The dweller living in the Infinite Abyss was called the Dweller of Dead – False
  • Which of the following did The Artificer NOT describe himself as – The Smartest There’s ever been
  • How many combo points must be spent to fill the ultimate bar –10
  • What type of object was hidden in plain site on Es’tristae – A gravity-based battery
  • Of these three, which was NOT a member of the Triumvirate of Eminence – Retrachter

Pack 10

  • What is the Phase Reaper’s ultimate attack – Flourishing Death
  • What was the name of the employee the innkeeper was looking for – Dubreux
  • What did Serai tell the Soul Curator had just happened as he died – Comeuppance
  • True or False: There is a hidden oasis with treasure chests in the Cerulean Expanse – True
  • What is the meaning of OAF – Oops All Feet
  • What was Lejugg’s transition when he went from first to second form – From blue to red
  • True or False: The Fleshmancer’s lair is to the east of the Sacrosanct Spires – True
  • Of these combo moves which one costs the least combo points – X-Strike
  • How much HP is recovered by eating a gourmet burger – 175
  • What was the name given to Erlina in her new form – Elsyan’darelle

Pack 11

  • Which item had to be given to a ghost – Turbo Cookie
  • How many bullets can be fired by ‘Fan the Hammer’ if two had previously been destroyed – 4
  • What was the name of the one in charge of the team that built Es’tristae – T’kor
  • What was the one ingredient Resh’an had always been missing in his subject – Unbreakable Will
  • Who were the three people that found the clues which led to The Queen that Was – Joce, Brochu and Elbi
  • What is this device called – The Chronophogue
  • Which of the Fleshmancer’s Acolytes gave Duke Aventry the magic shard that summoned the Night Shroud – Two
  • Which of these units deals the most damage to the enemy wall in Wheels – Level 2 Warrior
  • What is the name used to refer to the moment when the Sky Serpent appeared – The Great Summoning
  • What is the number obtained by adding the base MP cost of Moonerang and Dash strike, then subtracting the MP cost of Petrichor – 2
  • How many unique species are there to be caught – 23
  • Which of these areas appeared first in Zale and Valere’s adventure – Glacial Peak

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That is all for this Sea of Stars quiz master answers guide. Did we omit anything?Is there any other Sea of Stars content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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