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Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a game that puts players in the shoes of the microscopic beings that inhabit the Earth. Suddenly, spiders, flies, and reptiles are humongous beings that are to be tamed if you want to travel large distances. In this Smalland tameable creatures guide I will be looking at what in-game creations can be tamed as it is only some of the game’s many enemies that are tameable.

This title is currently in early access on Steam, be sure to check it out.

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Smalland Tameable Creatures

How to Tame

Before diving into what can be tamed I will just run through the standard process on actually taming anything in this game. You will need to craft a specific taming item for each creature and have it on hand during a battle with the creature itself.

Whittle its health down to 50% or below, at which point you will be prompted to press “F”. Follow that command and you will tame the creature and have it available to use.

What Can be Tamed


As the name may suggest taming this will allow you to fly, making it much easier to traverse large distances. The Damselfly taming treat requires the following resources. 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil, 3 Firefly Juice.


The gecko opens up a whole new level of transport for the player as it has the ability to stick to surfaces. The Gecko taming treat requires the following resources. 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil, 2 Bee Head, 2 Ant Head.


Grasshoppers can jump large distances which makes them another useful way to get around quicker. The Grasshopper taming treat requires the following resources. 1 Petal, 2 Seed Oil, 3 Insect Egg


The ladybug has the ability to offer the player extra storage which can come in handy when collecting the necessary resources for crafting. The Ladybug taming treat requires the following resources. 2 Nectar, 5 Fiber, 3 Edible Mushrooms.

Wolf Spider

The Wolf Spider can crawl along certain surfaces and deal a lot of damage. It is a strong creature to tame if you want to destroy enemies. The Wolf Spider taming treat requires the following resources. 1 Petal, 1 Grasshopper Leg, 2 Spider Eye, 2 Seed Oil, 3 Insect Wings.

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That is all for this Smalland tameable creatures guide. We will be sure to update it as the game continues to change and morph throughout early access so be sure to check back in future for any new enemies that can be tamed.

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