Smalland Furnace Guide: How to Craft Furnace

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Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a recent release on Steam that is currently fighting its way up the charts. The survival multiplayer game lives up to the name by taking place in a small land as every player is the size of an ant. In this article, I will be putting together a Smalland Furnace guide detailing how to make the key resource.

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Smalland Furnace Guide

The Furnace is an essential tool deeper into games as it can be used to process metals into things like armour. To craft this resource you will need the following materials:

  • Wood x 5
  • Resin x 5
  • Stone Brick X 10
  • Heavy Chitin x 10

Not only do you need these materials but you also have to have a stonecutter, windmill, tanner, and a loom & Spindle in order to fully complete the crafting. Once you’ve got all this you will be able to make and use a furnace to process metal.

Where to Find Materials

To get wood you have to cut down trees, chop twigs, and chop down tall plants/saplings. Resin is a coloured substance found on trees and saplings

To get stone brick you must have a Stonecutter and feed it stone and flint. To get the heavy Chitin you have to kill stag beetles.

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That is our Smalland Furnace guide, are there any other Smalland: Survive the Wild guides you want us to make?
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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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