Smalland Gecko Guide – How to Tame a Gecko

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Smalland: Survive the Wilds puts players in the shoes of an ant by making them microscopic and tasking them with surviving the wilds of the garden. It is largely about gathering the necessary resources to remain alive but, being so small can come with some issues. That’s why I have put together this Smalland Gecko guide to talk you through how to tame the creature that will help you cross the map on land with great speed.

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Smalland Gecko Guide

To tame it you will need to be in possession of a specific treat, one that works on the gecko and it only. To craft it you will need:

  • 1 Petal
  • 2 Ant Heads
  • 2 Bee Heads
  • 2 Seed Oil

To craft this recipe you must first find the recipe in-game. To unlock this specific recipe you will have to bring Skadi the horn of a Rhinoceros Beetle at which point he will gift you the gecko treat recipe.

Once you have the treat crafted you will have to fight a gecko until its HP is below 50%. If in possession of the correct treat you will see a prompt to tame the fly if you hover your mouse over it. Press the prompted key and a Gecko is yours!

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
Alex Richards, Site Manager
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