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Smalland: Survive the Wilds puts players in the shoes of an ant by making them microscopic and tasking them with surviving the wilds of the garden. While it is largely about gathering the necessary resources to remain alive it is also about combatting bosses like the King Stag Beetle, which can prove difficult. In this article, I will be guiding you through how to defeat the boss.

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King Stag Beetle Guide for Smalland: Survive The Wilds

The King Stag Beetle is currently the final boss of the game, although two more will be added in a future update. Given this status it is a difficult opponent to defeat and one that will need preparation and caution.

To start, equip the Ironwing armour that becomes available after beating the Black Hornet. This is the best armour you can equip as of now and has built in wings to help with travelling the world.

Next, create iron weapons, these are the best possible weapons and will make the boss slightly easier than if you approach it with sub-par weapons.

Once you have prepared the next step is to be prepared to avoid the bosses attacks. The King Stag Beetle can deal a lot of damage to the player with its sole attack where it grabs you with its pincers, this can be dodged with a sideways roll at the perfect time. If you focus on your timing then this can make the fight simple.

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