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TEW 2020 is a pro wrestling simulation game that puts the control of the company in your hands. You can put together matches, storylines, PPV’s and everything else needed to run a wrestling promotion. Despite having a deep and detailed universe to play in the game has a huge modding community. That is why in this article, I will be taking a look at the best mods for TEW 2020.

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Best Mods for TEW 2020

 Real World Chronicles/Real World Update

Want to play as WWE, AEW, IMPACT, NJPW or any number of major promotions going today? There are not one but two mod series’ for you to pick from. Both mod sets have their own characteristics as each mod makers taste differs so Real World Update is notoriously difficult with ratings being lower while Real World Chronicles is more of a sandbox with a lot of highly rated wrestlers.


While the default game has the CVerse, a mod maker has brought the world the Thunderverse. This is ANOTHER full universe to explore with its own history, workers, promotions etc.

Alternative CornellVerse 2022

After impressing with an AU for 2018, mod maker lavelluk decided to continue their alternate reality CVerse mod into 2022. In this world things have gone quite differently with ZEN finding money and expanding, a natural disaster causing chaos in the Japanese wrestling scene, women’s wrestling went through a major revolution, and some major promotions have fallen apart at the seams with other new big money players at the table.

The best part is lavell has plans to continue the lore of this AU and has hinted at major changes coming to Japan by 2026, color me intrigued.

That 70’s Mod

If playing in modern times isn’t for you then this mod allows you to rewrite the history of the CVerse as it takes the game back to 1977. You can either play a major part in changing history or see what changes naturally as all the stars we know and love have yet to even be born while some of the most dominant companies in the Cverse are nothing but a faint glimmer of an idea.

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Alex Richards, Site Manager
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