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There are a lot of different FM23 challenges out there. Some are scenario-based, others make the game harder, and some are downright odd. In this article, I will be taking a look at some teams to take charge of for different challenges throughout the footballing world.

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FM23 Challenges

France – Bring Lyon Back to Glory

In the 2000’s Lyon were an unstoppable force in French football. They won an unbelievable seven Ligue 1 titles in a row, but have not been able to win the title since. With PSG’s cash injection and AS Monaco emerging as a title contender there is a lot of competition awaiting Lyon who failed to qualify for Europe at all last season.

Lyon’s transfer budget is low, they have some hefty contracts doled out to older players, and their squad is full of young players who need time to fulfil their potential. Taking this job will require some patience but you do have one of France’s best youth systems backing you up and producing excellent prospects.

Difficulty: Low

France – Saint Etienne Rise Again

Much like Lyon, Saint Etienne were once a powerhouse of French football. The 10-time league winners haven’t won the league since 1981 and currently find themselves in the second division of French football.

With their star players departed and a promotion battle on their hands, bringing this team back to Ligue 1 glory is the aim, but only the most battle-hardened players will pull it off.

Difficulty: High

Germany – Borussia Dortmund

It has been ten years since the German side last pipped Bayern Munich to the title. The goal of this challenge is simple, win the league again and end Bayern’s dominance.

This team already has some incredible young players on hand as well as an incredible academy. Good players should be able to make it work.

Difficulty: Low

Germany – Werder Bremen Turnaround

In the mid-2000’s Werder Bremen managed to lift the Bundesliga but hasn’t replicated that success since. In FM23, they are a newly promoted side having spend a season in the second tier of German football.

With very little money to work with and an eclectic squad, a rebuild will take time. Can you be the one to bring a fifth title to this team or will the challenge be too much?

Difficulty: Hard

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Spain – Save Deportivo la Coruna

Long gone are the successes of the 2000s. Deportivo once looked prime to stake a claim as a real player in Spanish Football but now finds itself playing in the third tier. The team has fallen on hard times which makes them a perfect project for our FM23 challenges list.

Lack of money is sure to be an issue but you will have some prospects on hand to begin the save. Be careful though, as big clubs can come calling at any time due to the Spanish league’s mandatory release clause rules.

Difficulty: Hard

Scotland – Break The Duopoly

Scottish football has been dominated by Rangers and Celtic for as long as most of us can remember. FM players have taken it upon themselves for some time to break that trend.

My challenge of choice is to take over a club known as Queen’s Park. The oldest professional side in Scotland has never won the first division, and currently plays in the Scottish Championship.

While things may be difficult, you will have solid training and youth facilities backing you up as you aim to break into the Premiership and eventually unseat the big 2.

Difficulty: Hard

Scotland – Aberdeen Does it Again

Aberdeen were the last non-Celtic/Rangers team to win the Scottish league and they’re currently the closest challengers to the two. They are almost always in and around the top 3 spots in the league and just need that final push to make a title challenge.

The benefit of taking this job is that Aberdeen have an excellent youth system and some really solid prospects on the team already. They’re the kind of team that FM players love thanks to their ability to produce good youngsters.

Difficulty: Medium

Italy – Rebuild Juventus

It took a long time for anyone to challenge the Old Lady but Napoli, AC Milan, and Inter have finally caught up to Juventus. With an ageing first team and strong competition, this is sure to be a difficult rebuild.

There are a few ways to pull this off, which is why it’s so fun. Focus on Juventus’ prospects and youth system, or pull off bargain after bargain to reshuffle the starting team and return to glory. With talismanic forward Dusan Vlahovic on hand, this one could be the easiest if our FM23 challenges so far.

Difficulty: Low

Portugal – Jose Mourinho 2.0

Despite being one of the best talent-producing leagues in all of Europe, the Portuguese league hasn’t gotten its hands on the Champions League since Porto in the 2000s. The goal of this challenge is simple, lead a Primeira Liga team to win Europe’s biggest prize.

Benfica, Porto, and Sporting CP are all solid options, although I would recommend Benfica or Sporting as they have a much stronger youth system and training facilities. Producing talent is the key to winning this one, so Porto trails a bit in comparison despite being the best team of the three to begin with.

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England – Lowest League to PL

The gold standard of FM challenges. Taking a club from the lowest leagues possible all the way to the big time of the Premier League. This is a challenge that only the best of the best can really pull off.

For the biggest challenge start off with a team like Cheshunt or Taunton, two teams who are expected to fight for their lives just to stay in the Vanarama National League. Taunton are arguably the bigger challenge due to their horrendous training facilities.

Difficulty: Impossible

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Are there any other FM23 challenges you can thing of? Any you’d like us to include? Let us know!

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